Tuesday, February 22, 2011

First Things First

I love a lot of things about my life.  But every once in a while it is important, even necessary, for me to leave all the things I love behind and get away.  This past weekend was that weekend.  After months of trying to align the stars, schedules and sick-free weekends, everything came together and my honey and I took off.  My kids were more than happy to be left with my parents - I think sometimes they need a getaway from their parents, or at least their mother !  It's a win-win-win, really. (I cannot find the Office clip where win-win-win can be properly explained, but it makes me laugh just to think about it, so hopefully you will too!)

The pictures never do the moment justice, do they!
The weekend was everything a weekend away should be - and really, anywhere with just Josh is my happy place.

We went to Seattle, and it was good.  In fact, one might say it was an Academy-worthy weekend on all counts.  So let me begin my list of thank yous to all the people who made this weekend possible:

The well-priced hotel - (thank you Priceline), the view from said hotel , (thanks God and Seattle's engineers)  The food was also fantastic, (thank you Gordon Biersch, twice.) and the coffee was epic (thank you Seattle Works Coffee, you alone are worth the trip).  And thanks Mom and Dad for really making the whole thing possible. (thanks for loving my kids so well when we are gone.)  And thanks to everyone else at the Academy that I forgot to mention..  Wait, is that the music? - I'll stop now before you cut me off.

Getaways, mini-holidays, escapes, whatever you want to call them, are a fabulous chance to just reflect on how those "everyday" things are going.  We did that - in the form of listening to Grace Based Parenting on cd for the drive there and back.  Love it - that book is one of my faves and it's good to kick my parenting-butt back into shape every now and then - with as much grace as possible. :)  (I should also give an Academy shout-out to Tim Kimmel for writing the book, plus many others - books, not authors) Plus we had time to talk uninterrupted.  That should also get a shout-out of it's own, but I'll leave that for another time.
Seriously, I am in love with him.  So much.
The weather was cold, but the sun was brilliant and I was more than happy to freeze my toes to increase the ol' vitamin D levels which have been sorely lacking this winter.  

We did the Coffee Crawl - basically a chance to learn how Starbucks is going to take over the world, one acquisition at a time. Seriously it was a fun way to spend the morning touring some different coffee shops and talk about the coffee culture and history of Seattle. 

And now we are back.  Back into the swing of things - the day to day, the loads of laundry, and lesson plans, sick kids and busyness of a very full and blessed life.... I love it all.


  1. SO fantastic!!! Glad you were able to get away :)

  2. maybe baby #6 on the way... :)

  3. Your welcome! Love, Mom

  4. Oops! You're welcome - is what I should have said..........among other things :)


  5. Dear Anonymous #1 - and I say this in love - but, you first. And Mom, you're forgiven - or your forgiven, whichever you want. I love you! (And I happen to love Anonymous #1 too - cheeky thing)


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