Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Little Rant

I like to rant.  I may even be famous for ranting. Well, I suppose it's wrong to say I am famous for ranting when I'm not being paid to rant like Jon Stewart , Monte Solberg or Rush Limbaugh.  But in my own mind I am famous for ranting.  Ranting is fabulous.  It's like getting on a soap-box wearing a pretty dress (Don't try and picture Rush Limbaugh wearing a pretty dress or this whole analogy falls apart.) I don't rant with the purpose of offending people, although it's possible I do, cause passionate responses to anything usually offends someone out there.

I think I'd like to rant a little cause a blog seems like the right place to rant, or maybe even rave.  I'll save the rave for another day.

For today -
The Pancake Mix Rant:

Pancake mixes are wonderful.  They are convenient.  Just pour some mix, add an egg and some milk and voila!  Pancakes!  or Waffles! or Whatever!  But do yourself a favour and don't go looking at the ingredient list.

This is exactly what I did today, and poor Jo-Ann had to endure the "live" version of this rant that I have decided to share with you, my faithful readers.

Normally, I don't buy pancake mixes, cause I like to make my own.  (mixes and pancakes)  However, I had bought a spelt-flour pancake mix a few weeks ago from Costco.  And my contemplations/ inner conversation prior to said purchase  (that I am sure you want to read) went like this:

"Hey look, a wheat-free pancake mix!
"At Costco, no less!"
"How convenient!"
"Sure it's twice the price of buying that much spelt flour, and I usually make my own, but think of the time it will save when entering into the laborious tasks of measuring and mixing."
"Plus, it's wheat-free."
"Let's do it!"

So I did.  I decided not to make a wheat- free version of the scrumptious Cinnamon-Oat Pancakes that I usually make and I bought the mix.   Then on Tuesday as I was making a convenient and quick lunch for my kids and some friends, (pancakes aren't just for breakfast, you know) I happened to glance at the ingredient list:

"flour, sodium bicarbonate, monocalcium phosphate, salt"

Now, at first glance, that looks like a totally unreproducible grocery list.  Those pancake mix people are so tricksy.  Lucky for me I homeschool and had to teach a basic chemistry unit this year.  Those unreproducible ingredients: baking soda and baking powder*.  I hang my head in shame.**


As Jo-Ann put it:  "Clearly, I am in the wrong business."

Am I alone in thinking this really isn't worth it?

Ok now, I am done my rant.  That wasn't so bad, was it? 

What things have you bought that, in the end, left you gob-smacked?

*(or the equivalent thereof)
**I am in no way saying it wrong to buy pancake mixes, or that you are less of a mother if you enjoy purchasing and using pancake mixes or other pre-packaged foods. 


  1. You lost me at "I like to make my own".

  2. I don't buy mixes either, for this exact reason. The hardest most expensive part of pancake mix is the egg and the milk... which you have to add anyway!

    The only thing I buy a mix for is bran muffins that I spice up afterwards (with cinnamon and stuff) because I've never found a good bran muffin recipe. However, one time I saw this biscuit mix... yes, biscuit mix. I thought, "Hey! It's on sale and that photo sure looks yummy!" I didn't really look at it (probably because I knew better) but when I pulled it out to make it it was exactly the recipe I use from More With Less - minus the milk and shortening. *Sigh*.

  3. So how much did you spend on this super-offensive box of pancake mix? I want to be angry with you, but I need to know the numbers so that I can better understand the injustice...From Emily - also don't know how to post a comment:-)

  4. OH Emily! You make me laugh. The injustice isn't so much about the price, but the price difference. And the offensive rant is also about feeling a little silly for buying into the "convenience" of something that would have saved me a grand total of 69 seconds in the pancake making process. I can't even remember what I paid for it!

  5. Okay, my favorite moment that I had a similar mental rant (noone was blessed enough to witness it) was not with baking mixes (which I should probably stop buying) but with a cleaning product.
    Not sure if you have it in Canada, but here in the States we have a product called Clorox Anywhere Spray...This is a multipurpose disinfecting spray. The difference is you can use it safely on anything, including fruit and veggies, kids toys, the couch, the dog, your armpits.

    What is this magic spray in it's fancy spray bottle that sells for $6.95? Ingredients:
    Water, Sodium Hypochlorite.

    Sodium Hypochlorite= bleach.

    It's not only infuriating that the only ingredients to this fancy spray are water and bleach, but that its 99.9999% water, and the weentziest (that's my special word) drop of bleach.

    The only thing more infuriating is that I was stupid enough to buy the hype. Love your blog. I think we might share a brain.

  6. Karis, please share a rant or two! I would love it!

    BTW, You had me at armpits.


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