Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Stamping Fun

So, once a month (or so) I have what is affectionately referred to as a Stampin' Fun Night.  I have for years been a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator, and basically do it to support a very healthy and legal habit of paper crafting.  It was at one time a profitable side business for myself, and now, 2 more kids later, it's not so much a business as a group of friends that I can't let go of, that keep me in the habit.  We gather, I make a project or two for everyone else to duplicate, and then we create, and eat, and laugh, and eat.  So yesterday some of us gathered and this is what we made:

This card was fun because of all the texture.  The background pieces were run through the BigShot  using different pattern folders - a fun alternative to patterned paper, which, no matter how much I have, I never seem to have the one I want.  Which, in turn, leaves me to not purchasing patterned paper very often , which leads to needing to create my own, which leads to...I think you see the vicious paper cycle i have gotten myself into.

The image is from a new, very fun set called Take a Spin,  from the new mini catalogue.  The two colour section was created by stamping the image once in each colour, then cutting out the Cherry Cobbler names...and then adding it to the original wheel.    Enough said?  I dunno, I'm new at this write up thing!

Then we used what is possibly my favoritest (I think it should be a word, so I am ignoring my spell-check thank you very much.) new Big Shot die - Fun Flowers.  We made a card using two of the flowers from the die, and then - oh the fun I had.
 I used the new Seam binding ribbon - and ruffled it - without a sewing machine.  Basically you "just" pull a thread from the end of your ribbon piece (not sure how to explain this - a vertical? thread the runs through the entire length, not the shorter horizontal ones - grabbing those will just unravel the whole ribbon), and this just causes the ribbon to bunch or gather on itself.  Rock My World.  (As an aside, I realize that whenever someone prefaces instructions with "You just..." or "All you do is..." it's because it seems simple to that person, but doesn't always seem simple to the one on the receiving end, but I can't think of another way to explain it!) Thanks to Jo-Ann for showing my that - you are awesome.  Then I showed a few other fun things you can do with the flower die:

Thanks to Kari Metzger for the inspiration on the paper daisies, they are so fun! Please ignore the windows that need cleaning in the background.

I also took some of the fabric that was in the mini and made a bunch of cuteness and put a big button on it.
It took all of three minutes to make that fabric flower - I can only imagine how mad I would have gone making barrettes and adding flowers to socks, shoes, hats and shirts for Morgan if I had had the big shot and this die when she was younger.  I still might go a little mad - I can think of so many possibilities with this - for funzies, I stuck it on a cheap hat I got at Old Navy when I was in Seattle:

I feel a new fabric addiction coming on!

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  1. Your cards turned out great! Thanks for the fun night :)


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