Friday, February 11, 2011


I still have many thoughts percolating here about what this blog should or shouldn't be. I think, those that have said "you should blog" are hoping that I am going to write some really funny stuff. The problem is, I don't think I am terribly funny, especially on my own. So really, again, I have to do whatever feels write, er, right. See - not funny.

We are in the midst of a break week right now. I am not gonna lie - one of my favorite things about doing school at home is that we can take breaks when we want to and need to. This year we are going with a more "year round" schedule, and it's quite lovely actually to work for 6 weeks and then to take a week (or so) off and to just be. We'll see how well this theory works in mid-April when the desire to not finish all of our curriculum hits big-time and we long for new things.

I called the blog "Being More" because it really is something I want to excel at. Ah, the blessed choice of just being. I long to live a purposeful life and instead of always doing, doing, doing, to get off that treadmill and just choose to "be". To be in and build relationships that matter and strengthen and challenge me; to be present with our kids; to be available for others; to be a wife; to be a mother; to be a friend; to be still and listen; to be able take time to question why I do what I do and to see if it's fitting with my manifesto for life.

Taking time to BE, takes practice - especially living in a culture of "do". I have to fight myself every step of the way, cause I LOVE to do. Doing brings me immense joy, too - but the older I get, the more I find that being fuels the doing in a more positive way. I've tried running around like a chicken with my head cut off, and boy do I get a lot done - but the price everyone around me pays, is just not worth it in the end.

I have written down a very basic life manifesto that helps keep me grounded, to remember what is important. It's on the fridge, where I am sure all manifestos are meant to be posted. Cause seriously, there is nothing that I visit more in a day - except maybe my facebook page. I am also terribly forgetful so I need it written down. I have great plans to make it into a beautiful piece of artwork one day, but seriously - if I wait for that it won't happen- so on my fridge it says:

We will work together to make our home a fun, encouraging,
and safe place to be ourselves.
We value doing our best in everything, 
helping others;especially those less fortunate,
and we will celebrate when others succeed.
We will serve each other and celebrate 
our God-given differences with JOY!
May God's Grace & Love be seen in everything we do.

Writing that, I realize how many other things that I value that I could add to the list - but a lot of the other things are really just extensions of those things, and a girl's fridge is only so big; especially with all the other to do lists and sticker charts, and subject lists that are on that fridge.

A fridge really is the ultimate to-do list holder isn't it? Maybe my manifesto there is trying to help the poor thing "be" a little bit.

So here's to today - where I try and be with my kids, and their friends, and take time to ignore my to-do list - or rather make a different to-do list. One that has less to do with folding laundry and more to do with having fun and preparing for Valentine's day and another of life's little celebrations. My list needs to involve paper. And scissors. And glitter. Glitter is definite must - it fuels the being. :)


  1. love this, Karina. this is such a good reminder for me! Release yourself from the blog 'pressures' and just do as you wish :)

  2. I love your basic life manifesto.

  3. Thanks Tara! It helps me to have written it down. Try it sometime - then blog about it :) Thanks for popping by!


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