Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Veni, Vidi, Vici.

Veni, Vidi, Vici.
... more commonly known as " I came, I saw, I conquered."  I wonder if when Julius Caesar said these words (in Latin, of course) he ever though someone would use them with respect to glitter.  Methinks not.

Having said that, Friday was a great day.  I had the privilege of taking Sher's kids under my charge that day. She had done the same for me earlier in the week, and seeing as how we have a friendship built on keeping things equal - it was my turn.  I love having a gaggle of kids roaming about the house.  It pushes me to set aside my own agenda and focus a little more on the things that are important to them.  So, we baked.   

When I say "we" I should clarify that I mean: the girls and Keaton and I.  "We" all donned aprons,  put on hairbands (safety first, y'all) and got to work making cookies in preparation for Valentine's Day.

Some may have eaten more raw cookie dough than they put on the cookie sheets and I may have had to remind myself more than once that it was the "journey" of making cookies together that was important, but we had fun. 

And what of the "we" that decided not to bake?  They looked a lot like wii more than we, but I think they had a good time too:

They went outside Sher, I promise.
Doppelganger Anyone?
Maybe it's the hairband, the perfect skin, the fantastic "smile" pose or just the mounds of curly hair, but my baby is rocking the Olivia Newton John look:

Ooh, ooh, ooh, Honey.
Josh would probably like me to take this opportunity to point out that Keaton needs a haircut.  And I will.  One day.  But right now those curls and that goofy smile have saved his life more than once.  He NEEDS those curls right now.

You don't have to sleep, you just have to lie down...
Or something like that.  I love quiet time, I hope we never grow out of it.  It's been worth convincing each kid that a little down time is a good thing - especially when there are nine kids.  Keats still has a real sleep every day.  Tyson and Em were only willing to "read" when they realized that crafting was directly linked to resting beforehand.  I specifically told them they could stay awake.  So they did.  For five minutes. Then it got quiet.

There is nothing that strikes fear into the hearts of a mother of a four year old quite like quiet. Obviously they were cutting each other's hair, or painting the wall with Sharpie markers, or maybe, just maybe, they were sleeping.  
Yay for sleeping !
The Part Where I Confess My Love for Glitter
You'd think that a girl would eventually grow out the need for glitter and tissue paper.  You'd think that my crafting skills may at some point in my life graduate from all things pre-school.  But they haven't, so this is what we spent the afternoon making:  a mess and a craft.  

And it was very, very good.

"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back
 and realize they were the big things"
Robert Brault


  1. Looks like a really fun day Karina.And somewhat tiring! This past week I needed to find some birth info for my youngest 10 year old, it is no longer stored in my head! As I was looking I found a pile of discarded photo's - the old fashion, from the Black's Photo shop kind. It brought me right back to this very thought...enjoy the little things for one day you may look back and realize they were big things. 10 years ago I was far more concerned with notes to Santa and dandelions in my crystal vases then I am today as we decide what courses to take and how to prepare Jessica for college while still in high school. I need to take more time to shift into teenage "little things" so when I look back at their weddings, the teenage years held just as many fun,tender and soft moments. I decided to post my old discarded photo's all around my desk as I work to remind me...they may now be my height but they are still my babies inside :-)

  2. So true Sandra! I need daily reminders too. I think every day is/can be tiring. I just try and organize my day so that I end it all good-tired instead of frustrated-tired. Can't wait to hear about how you create those teenage "little things" - we are just entering that phase of life and I'll be looking for input!

  3. i think i need some of your creative genes. i am SORELY lacking. or maybe i should just bring my kids to you. haha :)
    sounds like it was a great day with NINE kids (wow). I've found that it's my friends with the most kids that are willing to take on more for an afternoon or whatever. you seem to be no exception (of course, the return of the favor probably has some serious draw).

  4. If my level of crafting competence impresses you Kelly - then come on over! St. Patricks day is coming up :)

  5. do you have more hours in you day? I don't seem to have as much time as you and I have less kids!

  6. I think maybe we just need to start paying you and then we can drop off our kids for "Crafting with Karina" classes. Sounds like a plan to me. Then I can let you be the creative one and I can just be simple, boring mom.

  7. you are the bravest woman I know... nine children... baking flour and glitter... my two biggest house-keeping nemeses!! Your gravestone should also say "she boldly goes where no woman has gone before" :) Thats why we love you!


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