Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Government Induced Sleeplessness

It's been a big week.  Or rather, a big weekend.

My Dad has decided that he will not be running in the next federal election.  This, is a good thing, a happy occasion.  I think everyone in my family looks back on his political career with pride. He served his country well.  We all love him to bits.  We're hoping that his next job, whatever that may be, will not take him away from home so much.  This is a big change for our family, and so, even though I find change exciting, I still have a need to process which always involves tears, even if they are good and happy tears.

My brother, Mark, is now seeking the nomination for my Dad's soon-to-be vacant spot in the Chilliwack-Fraser Valley riding. So far (as I type this anyway) no one has put their name forward to run against him, which is fine by me.  In short, this is a good thing, a happy occasion.  I love my brother and his family dearly.  If he is elected, he will serve his country well.  We all love him to bits.  I know it hasn't happened yet, but if it does happen (and I'm just gonna go ahead and predict that it will), his next job will take him away from home so much.  This is a big change for his family, and for us, and even though I find change exciting....yeah, I'm crying good, happy, and maybe a bit nervous, tears about this too.

As much as I tend to embrace "change" it's been a lot of surprises and changes this week - plus a few others that are not as blog-worthy, and I am in change overload right now.  Which means I am losing sleep.  I blame the government.

Then there is the time change.  I just have to ask myself what kind of voodoo magic did farmers use so many years ago to inflict this time change on us.  At least, as I understand it - "time change" was done to accommodate an agrarian harvest schedule.  Seriously?  Why didn't we just tell the farmers to set their alarm clocks an hour earlier?  Why wreak havoc on ours and our children's lives?   It's actually the fall time change I'd like to get rid of - but in order to restore life to "normal" we have to go through this almost-spring time change, and let's just say there are a few weeks a year I wish I lived in Saskatchewan, cause THEY don't change their time.  So, again, I am losing sleep, and I blame the government.

I do have some very exciting news that I will blog about in the next day or so - think FREE stuff.  and real free stuff, stuff that is awesome and life changing, and FREE.  However, I made this crazy commitment to go without "that internet" for Lent.  Had I known all the awesomeness that was going to happen, I would have picked chocolate - but anyway, I am out of time - so stay tuned for exciting stuff, as soon as I get some more sleep and can put a coherent topic together before or after 8.

Five of my favorite things...


  1. Tears??? Cute pic, love the matching hoodies on all the boys.

  2. many tears, we come by it honestly.

  3. Mom said.....Do we ever!

  4. Love the picture of your kids!!! and love reading your blog! :)


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