Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Second Favorite Word

If grace is my current favorite word and concept, I think I know what my second favorite is:  free.

There are lots of free things that are great, grace being one of them.  But wouldn't it be awesome if you could somehow combine free grace with free stuff?  Ladies and gentlemen....the time has arrived.  Cue the music that goes with the heavens parting and fingers of light from heaven streaming down....Waaaaahhhhh.....

You need to endure the story before I posted the details of the contest. 

A few weeks ago, I wrote this, and after I wrote that, I also wrote an email and sent it to author Tim Kimmel's organization, Family Matters, to thank them for rocking my world.   I believe I used that exact phrase, cause I have no sense of propriety.  I told them I loved it so much I had blogged about it for all 15 16 readers that enjoy reading my blog to hear. (16 would be cause I know there is someone out there who is following me not publicly, not that I mind...Naomi).

The good people at Family Matters asked for a link so they could read it.  So  I sent them a link and hoped and prayed that they wouldn't call the blog police and remove my blog from that internet because I had so badly misrepresented their books and products.

Then Karis, who (whom?)  I have been blog stalking for quite some time,  and who also happens to be the Creative Director at Family Matters left a comment in which she said something to the effect of  "Nice.  Want to give away a Family Flag Page - maybe your readers would like that?"

I thought long and hard about it for all of 2 seconds and decided that, yes,  my readers would like that.

So here are the details:
(by the way, you must live in Canada or the United States to enter!)

First Entry:
Visit the Family Matters store and peruse. Leave a comment saying what product they’d like to own (could be the Kids Flag Page) and why.

Second entry:
Sign up to receive free Family Matters blog updates via RSS feed or Email.

Third Entry:
Sign up for our quarterly Email Newsletter.

Fourth Entry:
“Like” Family Matters on Facebook

Fifth Entry:
“Follow” Family Matters on Twitter.

Sixth/Seventh Entry:
Tell others about this contest via your own facebook or blog page.  I believe this is the "promote the crap out of this blog post" option.

You want to leave a separate comment for each entry you qualify for, as I will be using to choose the winner.

The winner will be chosen next Wednesday, March 23rd - after 8 pm. 

Leaving a comment is easy, I promise.  If you don't know "who" to leave a comment as - select the "Name/URL"  option and just type in your name, you can leave the URL blank if you don't have a web address and then comment away!

Good luck everyone!  Sorry about the lack of pics - but it's past 8 by a few minutes, and I just gotta quit!

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  1. Comments have been removed and comments are now closed cause the contest is now over! Check back - you never know when another contest will run!