Thursday, March 3, 2011

The One Where My Baby Grows Up

Bird Bathing
Our hot water tank is funny.  Whenever it gets windy, the pilot goes out.  Hilarious, isn't it?  We've had someone in to look at it a while ago, and it's better, but every once in a while...

I do a lot of things in our family, but lighting pilot lights, isn't one of them.   

It was time for Keaton's weekly daily bath.  Josh wasn't yet home to re-light the pilot, and the boy was ripe.  As is often the case in situations like this, I asked myself:  WWDD?  What would Debby Do?  And I remembered:  bird baths.  

In fact, what I remembered was a picture of myself having a bird bath in what is affectionately known in my family as the Awkward Phase.  I was way too big for a bath in the sink.  Either my Mom was just awesome and fun to let me have one at such an age, or she was just too tired to say no to another of my endless requests as a kid.  I'm gonna go with awesome.
The Sears pose is my favorite.
Check out the hair mass on the left!
It was after I had taken pictures of Sir Cuteness in the bath that it dawned on me - the dude either needs pony tails or a haircut.  And verily I say unto you, I wept at this revelation.  I know two and a half is hardly a baby , but it was time for his first haircut, and therefore - my LAST first haircut.  You feel the pain, don't you?  Again I say unto you...I wept!  Or thought really sad thoughts anyway.

The Barber of Ledgeview
A couple of days later, he was ushered into the hair salon - aka my bathroom - 

Happy Keaton...this lasted for 37 seconds into the haircut
He wasn't as thrilled as I had hoped ten minutes later when it was all done.

Fortunately - being silly wins when you are two.

I might have wanted to shed a tear as his very babyhood slipped through my fingers and into a puddle of curls on the counter and the floor.  But growing up is good, proper and right, so I won't cry...much.  Actually, I love the way he looks, all grown up. 

 It hasn't inspired him to spontaneously start using the potty, but hope springs eternal.


  1. very cute! we've been cutting E's hair since he was 5 months old, and that was a HARD one for me. which reminds me...he is quite overdue for another buzz...

  2. awww, so sweet. I'm really glad J isn't anywhere near needing her first haircut yet (she'll be 2 in a couple of weeks). It took her so long to grow what she has, I don't want to mess with it. And people STILL assume she's a boy because it's so short.


  3. Keaton's hair only started growing around March of last year - so aside from baby fuzz - Everything you see is only a year old - there is hope for her yet!

  4. Precious post and boy! These lasts always sneak up on us and grab our hearts!


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