Friday, April 15, 2011

Streams of Sub Conciousness

It must be time for a list of ten post.  I could call it a top ten - except I don't know what it's the top of.  I suppose the top of my mind, which is a frightening place, really.  I am still trying to reconcile with the snow of yesterday and the gorgeous springy-ness of today.  So, I give you the best I have to offer today.  A List of Ten/Confessional/Random Post.

Go Big or Go Lazy
Sometimes I think the "Go Big" way I do things is just an elaborate cover up for how lazy I'd like to be.  Maybe I had five kids just so that I could have five little minions to do my bidding?  I mean, I have a lot of bidding to do - it will probably take five kids just to get it all done while I munch on bonbons and paint my nails.

Maybe I spend one day every couple of  few months creating dozens of meals for my freezer just so I don't have to engage in the 4 o clock debate of "what are we gonna eat today?"   It's not the making that's the problem.  It's the deciding.   Maybe I should make my minions decide...I would eventually get sick of nachos and pancakes though.
Me and my Minions

Quitcher Whinin'
I'm still whining (on the inside) about the time change.  I have yet to drag my sorry butt out of bed to exercise since then.  Blech.  I know I can exercise whenever I jolly well feel like it, but my almost 35 years of experience tells me that if it doesn't happen before my day starts, it doesn't happen at all.  Mostly because I'm, you guessed it, lazy! and can't stand the thought of getting ready twice in a day. 

Bilingualism & Getting Ready
Also, since the upid-stay ime-tay ange-chay, (yes I speak fluent Pig-Latin - it's right up there with my nun-chuck skills) I have put aside my years-long tradition of being being dressed and ready for the day before Josh and I have coffee.  Thankfully the promise of a quiet coffee and a visit with Josh before the kids are allowed up hasn't lost it's allure, but the mornings are less peaceful when I am trying to get ready the same time as my kids.  I may want to drive myself over the cliffs of insanity trying to straighten my hair while also being asked for bazillionth time if someone has to make their bed today or not.  It's time to get back into those routines...starting tomorrow, or maybe Monday.

Sit up to Eat Up
I only exercise because I like to eat.  A lot.  You may have noticed that food comes up a lot in this blog.  You may have also noticed that exercise rarely is mentioned.  That's because I hate it.  The only good reason for exercise, as far as I'm concerned, is it increases the allowable caloric intake in a day.  I never get a rush or feel sooooo great when a workout is done.  It is a means to an end.  Period.

I wonder how many sit ups it takes to equal a cinnamon bun?  

What it's Not
I find it frustrating that grace gets misrepresented a lot of the time.  Grace does not equal living without standards.  If I invited you to play a game of ice hockey and the proceeded to do nothing but  triple salchows in a tutu - you'd all tell me I wasn't playing hockey.  And you'd be right.  Just because someone calls something grace, doesn't mean it is.   
Not a triple salchow - or hockey. Remember when we had Olympic skaters practicing in Abbotsford last year?

Hockey Fever
I should confess that I can neither play ice hockey or do a triple salchow on the ice or off of it.

Go Canucks. Amen.

Our BBQ cover.  I might have a few hockey fans in the house.

Homeschool Uniform
I am going to my first homeschooling conference in a few weeks.  I am trying to decide if I need to buy a denim jumper and buy a big braid hair extension just to fit in.  

Cookie Brilliance
Freezing cookie dough is possibly one of my greatest ideas ever, though I am sure I'm not the first to try it.   Frozen cookie dough balls are maybe even better than cookies.  The key:  Triple Recipe, parchment paper and a Pampered Chef small scoop.  Long-term lazy, I tell ya.

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip to be exact
Hands Across the Water
I miss my sister in law a lot.  Botswana is very, very far away from Canada.  If I ever win a lottery, one of the first things I will do is invent a transporter and beam myself over to Gabarone and back at regular intervals.  It's only money and the will to get it done that is preventing the invention of transporters, I am sure. I realize with my lottery winnings I could just buy a plane ticket - but then I'd still have jet lag to deal with.  The transporter idea takes care of both....beam me up!

And That's Ten
Are we here already?  I think my husband is great.  Getting up to have coffee together before he goes to work is one of my favorite times of the day.  It's especially great because he always makes the coffee.  Nothing says love like: "Coffee's ready."  I am thankful for this, and for the fact that caffeine is an acceptable addiction to have. 
Yes, the counter needs wiping.  I'll get to it after I have coffee.  I'm lazy, remember?

Speaking of which, it's ready now.  The caffeine calls.   


  1. This was a fun list to read. i love the frozen cookie dough ball idea. i might have to try that. except that means more working out since i would eat way more. i heart food too. and for the lack of exercise you do, i will say that i am envious of your metabolism because the typical calories in, calories burned equation seems to be in your favor!
    i am also envious of coffee time with your hubby before he leaves for work. my hubby leaves at 6:30am. by that point I am either (ideally) just finishing a workout or just finishing my devotions. and he doesn't drink coffee in the mornings. and coffee is not something that works well just after a workout OR just before it.
    wow. i just totally rambled.
    enjoy this beautiful day! :) have a coffee and cookie for me ;)

  2. Trevor bought some cookie dough from the fundraiser for a co-worker's daughter recently and this week I took advantage of it. Expecting just a hunk of dough I was delighted to discover frozen cookie size lumps! What a fantastically easy thing to have in the freezer to pull out and bake when you realize five minutes before a friend is coming for coffee that you have nothing to offer as a snack. Except now I'll probably just make my own.

  3. Did you have to google how to spell sow-cow...cuz that's how I would've spelled it!!!

  4. that was definitely the most random list I have ever read!! I love it! I am especially fond of the "home-school" uniform idea- you're nuts!

  5. Sher, I did have to look it up - but only because I knew it wasn't sow-cow, but had no idea how else to spell it! And Kat - you wouldn't expect me to go half way with random, would you? I mean when I do random, I REALLY do random!


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