Monday, May 23, 2011

Three Things

I was thinking the other day about conquering the laundry monster.  Since I posted about that so long ago, the laundry hasn't made it to the living room, which is quite spectacular.  Turns out I am a take up as much space as you are given kind of girl, so when I limit it to our little laundry room , it HAS to be folded right away.

Huzzah! for little victories :)

Speaking of laundry, I realized one thing I do like about the dreaded task, which led me to think about some other funny, as in weird, things that I like.  

1)  I love to put a load of laundry in right before I go to bed.  The reason being: I hate doing laundry, but somehow I feel really good knowing that something else is working while I am sleeping.

I'm a slave driver at heart.  If those machines ever go union, I'm hooped.

2) I love garden centers.  They are brimming with limitless possibilities.  The colours, the shapes, the smells - you are only limited by your imagination, time and money.  And time.  And money.  Really really limited by money.

Garden centres, like Hardware stores are full of happy people amassing more work for themselves. We go there joyfully giving away our money hand over fist for the opportunity to add more work to our already busy schedules. 

After all, that verbena is just what your front yard, and it turns out, your life, was missing.  

That is the reason your laundry is never folded, and your closets are mess.  Yep, for 69 cents times 10 plants in 3 colours that verbena is gonna solve everything.

Or am I the only one that feels like this in a garden centre?

Note:  I didn't even buy verbena...a trunk load of other things, but not verbena.  I just like the sound of the word - it reminds me of Little House on the Prairies.
Miss Beadle wore lemon verbena perfume

3)  I love getting really practical gifts.  If I needed black socks, and you bought them for me, I would be completely thrilled.  

Do you remember the "black socks" commercial?

That's it, three things that I like.  

What weird things make you happy?


  1. thanks for the giggle this morning....and reminding me that I put a load in the dryer last night!

  2. That's it! I love throwing a load of laundry in before going to bed! Same reason. It is also the first thing I do when returning from a trip, makes me feel like I'm getting my lfe in order and I'm back in control. Sound familiar? Second thing: cleaning out my fridge, same reason. Third: watering lawn and flowers.

  3. Hey Tara! Glad you remembered the laundry - there is nothing worse than forgetting a load, the machine gets all cantankerous and makes you wash at LEAST once more before you can dry it again.

    Deb, The fridge and the post-vacay laundry are on my list as well. My favorite is going on vacation where I can start doing laundry the day BEFORE i even get home. How sick is that? It should be no surprise we share some of the same control issues.You are, after all, almost my mother. <3

  4. weird things that make me happy
    1) the last gasp and gurgle of the coffee machine, signalling that the best brew in the world is ready for consumption - Brian makes the best coffee

    2) the corkscrew willow (in my front yard) that sends up new shoots and branches each spring, in spite of the brutal fall pruning, courtesy of Brian

    3) my dad's wasp census - remove dead wasps from wasp trap. Separate whole wasps from wasp parts. Count and record whole wasps. Count wasp parts, divide by 3 (wasps have three parts to their bodies) and add that number to the number of whole wasps. Result - number of wasps caught in trap.

    4) my mom's shortbread

    5) my boys giggling (yes, they are 27 and still giggling)

    6) my oldest girl's laser blue eyes

    7) my youngest girl's way of talking to her hedgehog "Calm yourself," she tells it.

    8) etc etc etc

  5. hmm...thanks for reminding me that tomorrow is laundry day - favorite folding time is in the evening while watching tv - Biggest Loser finale! :)
    i'd have to think more about the weird things that make me happy...not if there are any, but what things would be weird to other people that seem totally normal to me :)

  6. weird things that make me happy:)
    1) stationary stores....I could spend hours in Staples, looking at all the fun organizational things, and colored pens :)
    2) watering plants outside
    3)garden centres, same as you! So relaxing!


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