Saturday, June 25, 2011

Not About Father's Day

Last Sunday was Father's Day.

And, for the first time that I can remember, I did everything that Josh wanted exactly to a "T".

What did I do that was so purportedly wonderful?

Absolutely and totally nothing.  Not a card, not a meal, not a bunch of  hand prints on paper from the kids - NUH-THEENG.  This is what he asks for every year - on his birthday, on Father's Day, on any day when you might think that a girl like me, would bust out all the party supplies and "do it right", cause if there's one thing I want to get right, it's making people feel celebrated.
(I can't see a difference, can you see a difference?)

But what he wants, is nothing.  So this year, I put my game face on and did just that.  We went to church, where there was no Father's Day themed message, we went my parents place for lunch, his parents place for dinner - I cooked so little it might as well have been Mother's Day!  But aside from paper ties, made with love in Sunday School from the preschoolers in his life, there was nary a whiff of sentiment or celebration for Josh.

And since Josh doesn't read this blog, and it's a week past Father's Day, I'm still going with the theory that I have done exactly what he wanted...right?

It figures that he would be the antithesis to my insatiable appetite for being celebrated, and celebrating others.  It might even  be why we work so well.  But I digress.

Josh is a great Dad.  He loves his kids and he loves me.  He is always pushing himself to become more and do better. I admire that about him. I hope he knows what a good job he is doing...cause it's not like I gave him a card that says "good job, Dad!"  But I think he knows deep down that I didn't do it, because I care so much. :)

Josh and I make a great team.  And like any good team we are more than the sum of our parts: we more than double our value when we face life, especially raising kids, together. We make a lot of mistakes as parents, but I think when we are "Team Loewen" we do a lot of things right.

A Crazy Bunch!
Josh, I'm so glad I married you, and that we have had five wonderful kids together! Having kids has made things a lot crazier - but there is no one else I'd rather go crazy with than you!

Lucky Me :)
So let's pretend this post didn't happen, cause it's almost like a really really long card, but you're my favourite, I just couldn't hold it in!


  1. To quote Alison Kraus "You say it best, when you say nothin' at all"


  2. Oops...guess I shouldn't have sent him that text message wishing him a happy fathers day!?:) Good post sis.


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