Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Picture Perfect

I have to admit it - we are the family that is always asking if someone else would please take pictures of our kids at the recital, Christmas production, birthday party - you name it, because we have once again forgotten our camera.

Lucky for me, my sister is a photographer.

I am trying to  do better - really I am.  But part of my doing better involves asking Kyla to take pictures for me on a more regular basis.  This is my shameless plug for her business - Pinball Photography.  She does great work. Call before midnight today, and get a free set of Jin-su knives!  Ok, maybe not.  But you won't regret the memories.

Last week it was time to do an updated photo shoot of the kiddos.  I hate how fast they grow up, and yet I love who they are becoming.  Rumor has it, they can't "become" without growing.  Dang.

The pictures are beautiful.  They capture so much of the good and the goofy of our kids.

Thankfully what they don't capture is me, being more frustrated than I should at the goofy faces when I want lovely smiles, the squirmy seats, when I want them to be still.  Thankfully, these pictures don't come with the 'hissing mother sound effects" file attached.  I really need to work on letting my kids be kids, and not going over-the-top with my reactions to their childishness when a simple calm reminder would  go so much further.

But that day is behind me. I haven't let the guilt beat me up.  Much.  I have apologized for once again, being Attila the Mom.  God is working on me, showing where I still need to grow a lot more in grace. But the good part is - seeing these pictures reminds me why it is so important to keep the main things, the main things, and not worry so much about having children that don't act like adults all the time.

These kids are worth pursuing grace for.

Man, are they ever.

I love you all to the moon and back.

Thanks again Kyla for loving your way-too-intense sister, her goofy kids, and for being a part of showing me what grace is all about.  I promise to relax more next time.


  1. Is Morgan as tall as her legs make her look?
    Beautiful pictures!
    Hey - we're coming July 8ish to 18ish and would love to see you if you are around.

  2. Morgan is as tall as me now! We always say she is just the right height because her legs go all the way to the ground ;) Hope we can catch up this summer!

  3. Wow! Amazing pics! Your kids are so cute!

  4. I need a photo shoot! These pictures are beautiful. I especially love the one of them sitting on the steps.

  5. Your daughter is beautiful and your boys are handsome. Your youngest 2 look like they keep the laughter rolling big time at your house! How blessed you are. And, your right. They are worth pursuing grace for!


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