Wednesday, July 27, 2011

All in the Family

The Summer List
We have no big summer plans this year.  We had high hopes of travelling to Manitoba to visit some relis that we love and adore, but we had to make the tough decision to be financially responsible and stay home and save up a little longer to make that happen.  Being responsible is sometimes a bummer.

Sitting around and moping was not going to be a summer theme, though, so following the example of my friend Chris, we made an official, very large summer wish list.  It has been a great thing , and I highly recommend it, even if it's just for the remaining weeks of summer.   

It's been nice to have a visual reminder of things we'd like to do and places we'd like to see.  It's not even going to be possible to do everything on the list - you'll notice Manitoba is still on the list - because you can do that when you dream...dream the impossible.  It was a fun family activity to make the big list and it's continued to be fun as we check things off and think of new things to add to it.  Maybe we should make one for the fall too, dreaming together takes me to my happy place.

We Interrupt This Blog Post...
We had a most unusual visitor in our backyard on Friday (at least I think it was Friday) morning in our backyard.  Nathan, Tyson and Keaton were eating breakfast when Nathan, in his best hillbilly voice, says:  "There's a BAR in the yard!"

And I said something to, you know, build him up and encourage him.  Something to the effect of : "Yeah sure, Davy Crockett."  

To which he responded - "I'm serious, there is a bear cub in our backyard!"

Sure enough there was.  I began to madly search for  calmly took the camera and hoped to catch a picture of what I hope to be a once in a lifetime experience.  At this point the boys were squealing with delight to one another all about the bear, and I guess Smokey decided that was about enough commotion for him, so he waddled through the little gap between the neighbours and our fence, hopped up their retaining wall and then back to the greenbelt

We do not live in the middle of nowhere - sure there is a greenbelt surround our subdivision, and sure we technically live in the mountains, and sure we've often seen deer along the roadway, and we've had the occasional raccoon and numerous squirrels and chipmunks in our backyard - but a BAR???  Well soak my feet and call me a pickle, I never expected to see a bear.  

And We're Back...
One of things Tyson put on the summer list was a sleepover with his nearest and dearest cousin, Jackson.  I let him put it on the list, even though doing sleepovers anywhere but at Gramma's house is not the norm for these two.  It happened to work out though, that Loni was working, and Gramma was away - and so the Amos boys had to come for a "leep-over", and Tys and Keats couldn't have been more excited.

I have often felt bad that because I had most of my kids before anyone else in my family did, I never have been the "single, fun and fancy free" aunt that my sister-in-law and sisters were able to be to my oldest kids.  However, when cousins come over to play here now, there is no end to the kids and excitement, so I guess it all works out.

Jackson and Tyson never got tired of each other, especially because Nathan and Brennan were happy to play with them as well. Wyatt and Keaton spent the weekend in the usual ebb and flow of playing and fighting with each other, just like a couple of 3 year olds should.

And Morgan, while all of this boy-ness was going on, decided to make cupcakes.  Inspired by a cupcake book, and by the number of times I have taken pictures of fun in the kitchen - she documented her progress, unbeknownst to me.  What a fun surprise to find when downloading pictures!  They turned out great and tasted even better.  Way to go, Babe!

What Doesn't Kill You Makes a Great Memory
One of Keaton and Wyatt's favourite games to play is "Let's See How Close We Can Come To Killing Ourselves", it's actually a game that Nathan invented, at least in our family, and seeing as how they aren't our first boys, Loni and I usually are okay to let them play that - or we're just too tired to stop them.  Either way, the outcome is the same.

This weekend's version included climbing the wall at the back of our yard,  putting ride-on toys into the trampoline and racing and jumping with them as fast as possible.  They had fun AND they lived. Bonus.
Bedtime stories for the boys were a success.  Nathan was so excited to read Tyson and Jackson a bedtime story. I love it when they get to that stage of reading!  

Once everyone was tucked in they only needed to be reminded a couple of times to keep the sillies at bay.  I guess they wore themselves out - it wasn't too long before it was quiet and they all were asleep.  They stayed that way for the whole night! Another installment into the Good Memory Bank was made.

Given that the weather has been less than stellar this summer, we have coined the phrase "summer is an attitude".
Artwork courtesy of Nate
 Summer so far, is sweet at the Loewen house.


  1. even though I'm not on the list - thanks for letting me enjoy some of your summer fun too. Movie night WILL happen. Love the pics! :)

  2. Who says a movie night post isn't happening??? I've got a long "to-write" list, and i'm very glad to be sharing summer fun with you!

  3. i LOVE the list idea!!! i'm going to do this :)
    mine will not include a backyard bear sighting. saw one in manning last week - that was exciting enough!

  4. HEY! Great LIST! I love some of your additions (ie- EAT berries, as opposed to our PICK berries- more fun!) My boys were stoked to find out you mentioned our list- and it reminded them to ask to sleep on the trampoline- I wonder if the coolest night of the summer is such a smart idea?? Maybe less mosquitoes that way. Looking like a great summer so far...

  5. Just looked at the pictures with my boys and they were able to relive the magical experience at your house. Thanks for the summer fun!!!!

  6. The list has been a big success - we are going to need start another page soon, because every time we do something fun we add it to the list, so we remember that we did it - tonight "swimming at Auntie Carole & Uncle Bob's" was added! Good times all around - @Kelly, I would love to see your list too - seeing @Chris's game us so many fun ideas!


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