Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cause I Once Bought Wii...

While cleaning out the car a while back, I found these two sheets that Nate and Bren made in Sunday School on Mother's Day, titled:  My Mom.

They love to leave things like that lying around to surprise me like that. I think secretly they really love arts and crafts, but they don't want anyone else to know. I'm sure it's not that the thought of eating lunch was more important than bringing a handmade "I love you because..." note to me.

Priorities, man.

For posterity, I thought it would be fun to save the contents - spelling included:

My Mom is
My Mom’s favourite food is
My Mom’s favourite colour is
My Mom is good at
Making food
My Mom and I like to
Watch hockey
Play games
My Mom likes it when
She gets coffee
I clean up
My Mom is great because
She onc bought wii
She is kind
I love it when my Mom
Play gams
Bakes cookies

Really, they know me fairly well - I couldn't say what my favourite food is...cause I like all of it.

I don't have a favourite colour - as long as it makes me look 4 inches taller and 10 pounds lighter, I'll wear it.

Oh, and here is Brennan's picture of me from said card as well...all I can say is - at least I am smiling.

I love my boys, and I need to make sure they know that my greatest happiness does not come from  them cleaning their rooms, or from when I get coffee.  Although drinking coffee in a clean house does feel pretty good, nothing tops being with the people I love the most!


  1. I am convinced that everything makes me cry. Loved it!

  2. Love it on so many levels! Its a great story.

    Deb Strahl


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