Friday, July 1, 2011

Glorious and Free

Today is Canada's birthday. It also happens to be Morgan's birthday. I think that everyone's birthday should include as much pomp and circumstance as her's does.  There are parades, celebrations galore, it's a national holiday, and who doesn't want to end every birthday with fireworks!

What birthday is this for Morgan?  Her twelfth.  That's right...t.w.e.e.e.l.l.l.l.v.v.v.e.  It's really not possible, because I'm positive I still feel like I'm 25,(except for the fact that I can no longer stay up past 10 pm without going cross-eyed) and I often think I don't act a day older than 19.   So how can she be 12?

I know how shocking it is that any parent would write (again) about how they can't believe how fast their kids are growing up.  Time really does fly!  I want to be quick, however, to point out that aside from the fact that my heart wants to break thinking that she is probably more than half way through living life under our roof, that watching her grow up is one of  the more delightful things we get to experience as parents.

There are moments where emotions run a little high, but the good moments far outweigh the tough ones.  Morgan is a wonderful kid, teen, tween - whatever you want to call her, she is wonderful.  We know that she won't be "ours" forever, but for now, we are loving every age and stage.  

Dear Morgan

Without further adieu, here is a top ten list, in honour of you, Morgan.  We love so much about you, this is not nearly a complete list!  Thanks for being our sunshine for 12 years running now, Babe.  We love you!

10)  You never act like you are too big or too cool to play with those that are younger than you.  You are willing to put the needs and fun of those younger than you first, and because of that, there are a lot of little ones who look up to you, and want to be like you. 

9)  You are so mature and responsible in so many ways and yet you still know how to play.  How I love this about you! In fact, I admire it!  I never was good at playing even as a kid, I was always "doing".  I think your ability to imagine and be young at heart will do you in good stead, long after the playmobil is in storage.

8) You have an incredible eye for colour and design.  I know it seems like nothing to you to create a beautiful hand-stamped card, or draw endless pictures of people and things - but you are so good at it...waaay better than Dad. We've discussed how being better than Dad is not really saying much - but I love it that you and Dad joke about that, and I love it that it is a talent that we share, even though our gifts and personalities are different in many other ways.

7)You are a great dancer.  You have a fantastic sense of rhythm and you give everything on the stage.  Maybe it's because I am your Mom, but I always think you look like you know exactly what you are doing, and I love that you do it all with a smile.  You are so fun to watch - and I mean it.  Even though I can't watch you dance, even for 30 seconds in a parade, without crying.

6)  Speaking of crying.  I love it that you make me cry.  When I watch you, or any of your brothers on stage, for any reason, really, I feel so much love for you and I am always flooded with memories of the fun I had doing different performances as a kid.  I hope you are creating a heart-full of good memories as well, so that one day, you can cry when your kids get up on stage and make you proud.  

5) I love your sarcastic sense of humour.  Dad loves it the most though: joking with you is something that brings him great joy!  I am not sure if that's good that I love it so much, but seeing as how I grew up in a home that practiced sarcasm like it was a spiritual gift, it's hard for me not to love it when you and your Dad do a little verbal sparring. (By the way, you are totally worth a frappucino today!)

4)  I love the intensity with which you pursue the things you love. One of  the things you love best right now is playing piano.  I always know when you are trying to avoid doing other chores when you close yourself into the piano room to play!!!  I love how it relaxes you to make music. It's funny how cold your hands get when you play.  You practice piano like nobody's business, and you are learning to express yourself wonderfully on the keys. You really are a piano teacher's dream and I can't wait to see where you go with this.

3)  You care a lot about doing well and pleasing others.  Of course, this is a double-edged sword, but I think you are developing a good balance, and learning to make the most of your God-given desire to think of other's first.  You have taken your Bible study very seriously this past year, you often put me to shame.  But I love it that you are making this faith your own and you work hard to make I Peter 4:10 a verse that you live by:  Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God's grace in its various forms.

2)  I love your laugh and I love it that you laugh easily.  It's impossible not to smile when you are laughing.  It's another way that you make people around you feel good.  It's no wonder everyone you meet wants to be your friend.

1) I love it that you are comfortable being yourself.  Whether you are talking to a grown-up, or a six year old - you are just having a good time being you!   This feeling may come and go in the next few years, but I hope that you always feel confident knowing that being you is a fantastic thing.  Auntie Loni would probably like me to remind  you of her favourite verse, and one that I see you have added to your growing list of "post-it notes" on the desktop here:  I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made, your works are wonderful I know full well.  Psalm 139:14

Did I finish ten things already?  I feel like I am just getting started!  I am looking forward to these next years.  Watching you transition from a young girl to a young woman is going to be an amazing adventure.   The best years are coming Babe - and that's saying something, the first twelve have been pretty fantastic!

Love, Mom


  1. Wow, thanks for sharing that :) Happy Birthday Miss Morgan! You are an amazing young woman.

  2. We love you Morgan & after reading your mom's post I'm surer than I've ever been that my hopes of adopting you won't happen:) Hope you had a fabulous birthday! Callie & I are looking forward to our double date tomorrow!!

  3. Happy Birthday Sweet Morgan! You were wonderful today :-)

  4. Hey Morgan! This is Callie! I just want to wish you a happy birthday!! You are an AMAZING friend!! I am really looking forward to going shopping together tomorrow! Have a great birthday!!

  5. fantastic post!!!! Happy Birthday to Morgan :)

  6. Oh Morgan, it's all so true. You are a joy to be around and your laugh is contagious. Thank you for being such a positive, fun person! I have to admit I was crying when I saw you dancing in the parade, you make me proud!


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