Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Almost Fun Parents

Were were almost fun parents last Tuesday night. We almost took our kids to the theatre to see the new Winnie the Pooh movie. We went because my friend Monica suggested we go together, and it was a capital idea. However,  after a few tries, we have had to collectively admit defeat. Winnie-the-Pooh on the big screen was just not meant to be.  One week we double-booked, so we re-booked.  For the re-book we didn't pre-buy tickets. Then today, we were all ready to buy tickets in advance of tonight's show, and the show is no longer in theatres.  Cue:  wah, wah, waaaaah...music.

We were planning to go to the theatre in town that was, back when Josh and I were dating, brand new and fancy and everything.  It's now the smallest and oldest theatre in the general vicinity. Amazing what 20 years does to a city!  For the summer it has been having Toonie Tuesday movies, which is the perfect price to pay for an admission when you are paying for seven - or any number, for that matter.  

For some reason we didn't expect there to be many people there, being that the theatre is so small an Un-Colossus-y.  It's not even a little bit Silver City-ish, so we didn't even think to pre-buy tickets.  We arrived half an hour early only to find the parking lot 100% full, and a line out the door and winding almost into the jam-packed lot.  Oh dear. 

We still had high hopes that people were there to see something else - I mean we still had half an hour to go - but 5 minutes into our waiting a staffer came out and announced that all of the early shows, save 3 were sold out, and yes, that included Winnie the Pooh. 
They're all sad we didn't see them in a theatre near us


There are few things I like less than disappointing my kids.  We rarely, if ever, go to the movies, so this was a really big deal.  Although, if any theatre executives are reading this blog, we would go a lot more if it didn't require taking out a second mortgage to see a film on the big screen. And poor Monica, because she is way nicer than us, felt even terrible-er.  

The adults did what adults can only do in a situation like that.  We started to really up-sell the benefits of coming back next week instead of watching the movie that night. (Nevermind that it turns out it's not showing anymore)

The bigger kids were able to understand very quickly how out of our hands the whole thing was, but Keaton was very disappointed, and he wanted no part in getting back in that van.  It turns out though, that he can bought with a bag of chips and a video rental.  Phewf.

Now the kids can talk about "remember the time when Mrs. Monica came over for dinner and we DIDN'T go see a movie"...talk about great memories. 

To be fair, dinner with Monica was a great memory - the not going to the movie part, not so much.

At least we have our summer is an attitude moniker to get us through.  And we're going to hopefully see "The Smurfs" tonight, albeit without the fun addition of Mrs. Monica.

I hope it works out, or I might have to take a big black marker to any of our movie watching aspirations to our summer list!

A Very Overdue Thanks
Monica has a very special place in my heart.  She gave me a chance over 13 years ago and believed in my potential at a point in my life when I really, really needed it.  She gave me a job as church secretary when nothing on my resume would have led her to think I was qualified for it. 

It absolutely changed how I saw myself.  Somewhere along the way, we started referring to each other as Pinky and/or the Brain.  I never could remember who was who - but I loved that job, and we loved working together.  She embraced the creativity I brought to the office, and did her best to teach me to keep my desk clean.  (That may have been a lost cause, although I would do better at it now - maybe she did teach me something in the regard after all!)

So Monica, thank you for being a very positive part of my history. You made a difference then, and I have no doubt you will continue to bring out the best in those you work with now.  

And thanks for keeping in touch, what a gift when your former boss becomes your friend!

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