Friday, August 12, 2011

Family Matters #3

It's that time again - my August post is up on Family Matters blog today.  As always your comments and feedback are appreciated on their website.  If you have any other blog post ideas, I'd love to hear them here!

Here's a teaser from this month's post:

Being busy is a fact of life.   But is your busyness a blessing or a burden? Are you so busy you only have time to do and none to be?  Both are important, but the being often gets neglected for the sake of doing.
Here are some thoughts on why we get ourselves burdened by busyness and some ideas on what we can do so we can feel blessed by it instead!


When someone asks us how we are doing, we get far more attention and sympathy by complaining about how busy and stressful our lives are than if we say otherwise.  We live in a world where dramatic sound bites get the most attention, and it’s not terribly different in the world of mom-to-mom conversations...
Thanks again for your encouragement and support - now let's get UN-BUSY!

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