Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Faster, Higher, Stronger...Coffee, that is

I would like the thank Ree Drummond (aka The Pioneer Woman) for making the consumption of cold caffeine so much tastier and the delivery far more expedient.  The Perfect Iced Coffee recipe is now the gold standard for an afternoon pick me up 'round here.

It's delicious and convenient, and did I mention delicious?  I have just made my second batch this summer.  Suffice to say that my daily coffee routine has expanded.

While I do enjoy being spontaneous, I have a few routines that make my life really good.

The coffee routine goes like this:

Josh, my man servant of 16 years, makes me a fantastic latte in the morning.  We savour that morning quiet time together.  Mornings are always better when we start this way.
Good Morning, good morning, to you...

For starters, we peel ourselves out of bed at six.  It's not so morbid once you get used to it, seriously.

Liquid Energy?
Some days we talk about the plan for the day, or upcoming events, other days we just sit outside in silence, begging our eyes to stay open.  Usually, by 7 o'clock, when the kids are allowed out of bed, we are ready for the day.

That used to be it for regularly planned injections of caffeine, unless a friend stopped by for a visit.  But now, I can enjoy my vice over ice in seconds.  I usually start with a full cup at 2, and then refill at 2:15 and 2:30 - cause, with all that ice, it's hard to get a full glass.  I could quit at any time.
Beauty is everywhere
Try it for yourself.  I actually do a half recipe at a time, cause it all fits perfectly in my super-sized pitcher.
Perfection - even if it's the fridge and not the coffee that is in focus

True, there is now no large container available for making iced tea, but I think the kids understand that sometimes in life you have to make sacrifices.  I am always looking for opportunities to teach life lessons like that.

I just have to remember not to leave it unattended.


  1. mmm coffee. does your man servent still roast his own coffee?

  2. there's only one thing to top this iced icecubes. then your iced coffee never gets watered down :)

  3. Tara - Josh hasn't roasted coffee for a very long time, although we still have the roaster, and he does think of doing it from time to time but it never seems to happen! We buy from a local roaster now - Sumas Mntn Coffee - it's very good.

    Kelly - coffee cubes are a fantastic idea, although I literally empty the cup in less than 4 minutes, so they hardly melt as it is!

  4. vice over ice. oh man. You crack me up. You are SO funny. I just love your writing style. We had a coffee smuggling incident over here a while ago as well...Mia put her receiving blanket over her head, dropped her pacifier to the floor, and silently lowered herself over my Iced Capp, thinking herself very sneaky indeed.

  5. p.s. Just printed out the recipe and found some other good ones on the site. Thanks!

  6. That looks so good!!!! I've been picking up the $1 iced coffees at McDs and Lovin' It, except that I have no idea what's in that 'coffee' concoction... definitely going to try this today!!!! Do you measure your coffee grounds or not? And this makes me happy because I can make decaf... :)

  7. Jen - you gotta watch for those little cloaking devices! I love the "if I can't see you, nobody can see me, mentality"!

    I bought a 2 pound bag of beans and then used the highly scientific method of guessing what a half pound would be! Hope it works out for you! It's wonderful if you have some vanilla coffee syrup to add to it too - but I only do that occasionally! Like I said, I can quit at any time.

  8. Ah - coffee! It's what keeps me alive most days. I've been meaning to try that cold coffee recipe but if I do I'm afraid my caffeine ingestion might increase to a level that is dangerous.

  9. hi karina,
    here maxi from the netherlands, asking a blond question. So if i understand well you drink ice coffee with milk and ice cubs starting 6 in the morning? or is it cola?
    Greetz, maxi

  10. Hi Maxi! Welcome to the blog - it's not a blond question at all! In the summer I will drink "iced coffee" - you could just pour a cup of regular coffee over ice and add milk, although i find it makes it a bit too watery! The recipe I linked to above makes a sort of "coffee concentrate" that I keep in the fridge - which I pour over ice and add milk (and vanilla syrup when I'm feeling saucy!)


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