Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hi-Ho Cherry-O!

We are getting some out-of-towners visiting here for Christmas this year.  Out-of-Continenters, actually.

We are very excited.  Keaton's new daily question is "Matt & Fify here today?"...Not yet, Sugar - but oh, so soon.

We hear the Missus really, really likes BC cherries.
Handwashing is a must before helping - hair brushing, apparently not.
So we're getting ready and freezing a bunch so we can enjoy all things cherry when they arrive.  Ideas for frozen cherries include:  Cherry Granitas, Cherry Scones, Waffles with Cherry sauce, Cherry pie...Merry Cherries!
Quality Control
I'll not be canning any though.  Just can't do it.  I never like them as a kid, and I still don't really like them in the canned form.  Sorry Mom.  I know you did it cause you loved us, and Mark and Dad really liked them, but a "no-thank-you" helping is all I need.

I had never bought a cherry pitter before.  Considering it cost a whopping $3.49, I am not sure why I never did it before.  So, I made up for it, and bought three.  That way, I could  put my slaves to work let the kids help.

Morgan was not wooed by the promise of easy cherry-pitting.  But I am sure she will be voluntold to do a batch before the week is out.

The boys were totally excited to help.
Tyson:  "Mom, it's like we are a cherry factory!"

Tyson and Keaton weren't quite co-ordinated/strong enough to make it work.  So Tyson happily took to de-stemming for us, and Keaton just took to stealing pitted or non-pitted cherries and eating them.

I love "putting away" fruit in lots of forms.  It's satisfying to see the freezer full of good things, and the promise of good times and good memories shared with others in the future.

My freezer tells me it's gonna be a great Christmas this year.


  1. Your blog makes me chuckle, especially the freudianesque made up words and crossed out phrases (Emily Vanden B)

  2. I can't take credit for "voluntold" - that's a Jon Acuff word that I love and am freely using. Glad you enjoy the humour, it helps keep me sane!

  3. Seriously, loved the voluntold too. Also merry cherries. What a thoughtful thing to do for you sis in law! How exciting that they're coming for Christmas!!


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