Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Just Add Water

At the beginning of summer - otherwise known as the first week of August, we spent the day at our friends house.  They live on a lake.  It's beautiful; a close second to paradise.

What's even better though, is that they have cameras and take pictures of my kids, and then they remember to send them to me.  I wish it were just an old, overused joke - but they have bailed me out of many cameraless situations - it pays to have them belong to the same dance studio, for example.

We love spending time with them. Everything about getting together is always good:  the kids, the friends, the conversation, the food, the water.  We always leave looking forward to next time.

I wanted to call the post "friends with benefits" - but I hear people might think I was talking about something other than really good friends who take us on boat rides, feed us ridiculous amounts of fabulous food and teach our kids (and maybe me, next time, if I don't over-stuff myself at dinner) to water-ski.  

The benefit of friendship with the Olsons started in highschool, and it just keeps getting better with time.

It started with just Josh and Josh - J-squared. They were friends before Josh and I started dating.  My Josh... the Josh I am still married too, not that Josh- confused yet?   We usually refer to him as just "Olson" otherwise it feels too much like my husband is talking in third person.  It works, anyway.

Then he met Katherine, and it got sweeter. Now I no longer had to try and keep up with conversations on Quantum Physics (I could never keep up) and "Darmok and Jelad at Tenagra" (I could sort of keep up).  We could talk food, and life, and other important girl stuff.  I also love Katherine because she has a sweet-tooth that matches my own - remember the fabulous brownie recipe?  It's hers.

So good, and so good for you. 

Then they had kids, and now the sweetness can barely be contained.  I reserve the right to marry off at least one, if not more of my boys into their family of girls.

I love it!   Right, Katherine?

Wash.  Rinse.  Repeat.  


  1. What a small world :) Katherine and I met last year through ballet!
    looks like lots of fun, for sure!!

  2. Aww- I love you too!! And I love seeing our children having so much fun together!! And yes, we have dibs on at least one of your awesome boys!

  3. why did you have to post that picture of the brownies- now I just might have to make them :)

  4. Oh man, after Katherine said she is going to become known as the blog stalker, I just had to go back and find the one about her here! Too funny. I really enjoyed this post. Love the picture of you actually with your kids- is that a rare photo or what? I know I'm never in my pics! Also, I think an Olson Loewen wedding would be a delight to attend. I formally pre-invite myself.


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