Friday, August 5, 2011

The Power of Together

Two are better than one because they have a good return for their labour.  Ecclesiastes 4: 9.

I was reminded again today, that the best cure for a Pity Party is to harness the Power of Together.

I find if I don't accomplish some of the many things on my to-do list with someone else, using this magical power of together, I start to get overwhelmed and cranky because I feel like I am trying to conquer the world on my own.  But let me share a vision of something that I want to accomplish, and join me in my quest? Now we're talking.

The pity party I threw for myself  last night lasted through till the morning, and I'm so glad that there were already plans in place for Sher to come over today, otherwise I might still be pouting.  Pouting isn't cute on a five year old, but it's really ugly when you add 29 and 3/4 years to that. 

I think I'd live in a commune if I could.  People that live in communes understand the power of together like no one else.  And while I believe it's important to know yourself and not feel like you have to be like everyone else, I really believe life and love and living are better when they are shared.  

She came with the intention of getting a jump start on post-camping laundry, and so she kind of had to listen to me kvetch while her quilts were being rid of all of those things that smell so good when you're camping, but are totally "ick" once you get home.  

After a while even I got sick of the sound of my whining. 

Sher must have been too, cause she offered to vaccum my floor.  (A good friend knows that a clean floor says  I care about you almost as much as chocolate)  So we got the kids together and we blitzed the house back in order with a big group Ten Minute Tidy.  I  was starting to feel better.  Then, I did what I always do when I'm starting to feel better.  I convinced Sher that she really needed to do a project with me..."together".  

She was really lucky to be my friend today.

I do especially love the power of together when everyone working on it can benefit. So we conquered pie making.  It's probably not the last time I'll do it this summer, cause well, if i don't make a few peach pies for the freezer, I might get the bends.  

On the menu today:  strawberry-rhubarb and apple.
This pie crust reminds me that I need to go bathing suit shopping

Remember the rhubarb?  Yeah, it's that stuff. 
I'm a slave driver, and yet she keeps coming back for more
We made seven fantastic pies, that are freezing as I speak.  The kids, who all played superbly with one another while we toiled in the kitchen were also rewarded with the best part of pie making - cinnamon-sugar twists with the leftover dough!

The kitchen got messy once, but now we each have some pies to share with once, have a bunch of good times - that's my kind of math! 
7-8 minutes at 350 deg. F
So good, and so good for you
Today, as I changed my focus from all about me, to all about doing something together with someone else, I began to notice how the power of together makes life so much better.

Doing a Ten Minute Tidy on my own might get a floor swept.  Having five, or more, kids join in the TMT?  The whole house feels better.
Harnessing the Power of Marvel Superheroes doesn't hurt either.

Making a fort on your own is really hard, but put your hammers together, and you've got a perfect place to be on a sunny afternoon. 
Thanks Rupi for the hammer - it made doing the project together even better!

One rose is beautiful,  but a bouquet of roses?  Stunning.  

One pie makes a yummy treat, but a stack of pies for the freezer?  Multiple Happy Times ahead, baby. 

We build more with the power of together.
We grow more with the power of together.
We share more with the power of together.
We accomplish more with the power of together.
We love more with the power of together.  
We are more, when we are together.

How does the Power of Together make you better?


  1. I've so been thinking about the "power of together" idea as I tackled our weeds this week - alone - along with glaring at my ever-growing-never shrinking-to-do-list. Yes, those who live communally may have something...

    There really is something about clean floors isn't there?

    Those pies look beautiful - and delicious!


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