Monday, September 5, 2011

Favourite Things

This past week has been a mad flurry of activity getting ready for the new school year.  We sort-of-kind-of  follow the traditional school calendar, so tomorrow marks the beginning of the new school year for us.

Here are my three favourite school things this year :

3)  Unreasonably Decluttered School Room

You know it, and I know it - this room will never look like this again.  In fact, it doesn't even look like it right now.  But I love getting the possibilities this picture holds right now.  It speaks to the optimist in me.

That's right, my school room talks to me.

I'm just willing to own up to my weirdness now - it's the freedom that being 34 and 3/4 brings.

2)  Organization That Compensates For My Weaknesses

I love these spice racks from Ikea - they are inexpensive, ergo, I have bought MANY of them over the past year and used them for everything but a spice rack!  They work perfectly inside these cabinet doors, and they hold a multitude of sins - or in this case, stationery.  We're trying a single station stationery concept this year, rather than pencil cases.  I love, love, love these glass canisters. 

I hope it works out.  Really, I'll be okay if it doesn't - because at least the containers will still look nice with mess all around them.
 I am trying to embrace my need for things to look like something fun, and yet they also need to be manageable and simple.  These are saying "you can be spontaneous and clean up quickly, and so can your 5 year old" to me right now...what?  Your containers don't talk to you either?

1) Clipboards

I am a visual learner.  I am also very forgetful.  I also like things to look nice.  Here's hoping these kill three birds with one stone.  They are meant to hold the kids weekly assignments, and any booklets, or other things that need regular updating.

Almost Forgot:
I don't know if it's a runner-up, or really the grand prize winner, but this year I bought a laminating machine.  Let's just say no piece of paper is safe!

We're looking forward to the school year, although there are still lots of events from this summer I hope I get to writing about before the sunshine is but a distant memory.

Here's to new beginnings - may yours be fantastic too!


  1. I was going to do the clipboard thing this year too, it's a great idea. I love your school room!

  2. would you be up to doing a clipboard tutorial for me? I would love to do these with my class this year!

  3. I LOVE being organized but haven't actually gotten to that point in any home we've been in. Maybe the one we just bought will be big enough for everything to have a place. The Container Store has become my new favourite hangout, although I should take a walk through Ikea too. Your school room has inspired me.

  4. Awesome organization Karina!!!! you're an amazing mom and teacher!

  5. Very fun and impressive and if I wasn't lazy and tired, I'd say......inspiring!

  6. Your organization puts me to shame! I always have visions of order and neatness...but never real pictures.
    I'm impressed. I hope your schooling year goes well.

  7. Yahoo for de-clutterizationness! Great work- it looks very inspiring and motivational... Maybe seeing yours will rub off on my house. Who knows?

  8. To all my dear friends - You are all hilarious - I hope you understand how I need these huge systems to compensate for my huge weaknesses in the mess-making department!

    Laura - I'll try and do a clipboard tutorial - they are super easy, and you can find clipboards at the dollar store - Yay!

    Beth - I've been thinking about you a lot, setting up your new home. I hope you enjoy every minute, and don't rush too quickly to buy containers - it's taken me two years of homeschooling in this house to feel good about a system for our things!!!

    Wow - this comment is almost another blog post!

  9. i would homeschool in a heartbeat if it meant i could have a room like that with those spice racks and all. totally jealous!!!!


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