Friday, October 21, 2011

Flashback Friday

There were lots of summer moments that were blog worthy, but were alas, not blogged about.  I whined about it a few weeks back, then I thought of this excellent post name:  Flashback Friday - made for the procrastinator in all of us.

Try not to be astounded by my brilliance.

I promise not to act shocked if 37 other bloggers have already thought of this fantastic idea.

I don't know how often I will do Flashback Fridays, but today seems like a good enough day to start!

Rain, Rain Go Away.

The beginning of the summer was less than stellar, weather-wise.  The backyard was still soaked from months upon months of fall-winter-spring rain, and it was cold and miserable. it was a necessary exercise to embrace the rain, and make the best of inside days.

Rainy home days often start the same: with a cry of "No one wants to play with me" (translation: someone older than me doesn't want to play with me).  Because I am no fun, I often give them the option of doing a chore, or playing with someone younger than them.  I'm inspirational like that.

I love how each kids unique talents lead them to do different things with their younger siblings when they are "forced" to play together.

Nate's specialty this summer - was fort-making.  He loves to create and pretend.
Not to be mistaken for an overgrown Laundry Monster!
Fort making is happy making
King of the Castle

Brennan's specialty, is train track design.  He started perfecting this skill when he was three, and although they tracks don't get taken out very often since Lego, Bionicles, and Wii have taken over his list of favourite things to do, he can rock out a pretty good configuration in no time.

Morgan, when she chooses to bless her brothers with her playtime, usually ends up directing, filming, and starring in "shorts" than they kids dream up together.  This has actually been a great deal of fun for all of the kids and their friends when they get together.  They make up silly interviews, or they reenact their favourite Star-Wars Scenes, or do stop-motion films with various toys.  Usually the emphasis is heavy on the silly side of things, and because I don't want to ruin their future chances for employment, I won't post any clips, but did manage to steal a few screen shots.

My specialty on rainy days, and everyday I feel like it, really, is food.  Sometimes if they day seems boring, I try to make the food fun. This probably why i feel like I need to lose 5 pounds - it was a rainy summer.  I made lots of fun food.

Soup in a mug is twice as fun!
And that was a rainy day well spent.

I think I like Friday Flashbacks.  We get to relive the fun, without the calories!

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  1. great idea! I have a few summer blogs I didn't post either, I think I will steal your idea!


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