Monday, October 17, 2011

A Grand Day Out

Once a year, Tyson needs to go to Children's Hospital to have routine bloodwork and other medical check-up type stuff (at least, that's the very technical term I am using) to monitor the blood condition he has.

This year, just he and I went in together.

I love all of my kids a whole I even need to say that?  Yes, I do, because all mothers do. It's like we're worried people will think we favour one kid over another if we talk about something we appreciate about one without mentioning our undying devotion to the remaining silly, but now that I've said it, you know it, so we'll be good.  Amen.

I digress.  One thing I love about Tyson is his general good-natured-ness, especially when it comes to being out and about.  He is a great travelling companion.  Even when he has to be brave and get poked and prodded with needles and get asked all sorts of questions that he doesn't appear keen to answer.

On the magically delicious drive in to Vancouver I told Tys that I thought we should go out for lunch together when we were done the appointment.  He could barely contain his excitement. I asked him where he'd like to go, and it typical form, he smiled a big smile and asked:  "Where would you like to go, Mom?"  ,because that is how Tyson rolls.  He wants you to be happy, so he can be happy.

We had left two and a half hours before the appointment because last time we tried to get to Vancouver for a different event, at a similar time of day,  it was the road trip from h-e-double-toothpicks, (that's right, I just did some Christian blog swearing) and traffic was a total nightmare.  On this day, for whatever mystical reasons - we were there with an hour to spare.

What's even more amazing, is that they let us in right away; we waited for nothing - which I am pretty sure is unheard of in the medical world.

We talked to the doctors and nurses, and had all the regular conversations that leave me feeling like an inadequate mother.  You know the ones - "What kind of food do you like, Tyson?"  Pizza and dessert!, and then they ask -"Do you like vegetables?" To which Tyson cocks his head and stares at them like they are speaking Danish.  Which then leads me to blurt out something sarcastic (shocking!) about how because I am actually an ogre I do make him eat fruit and vegetables, it's just he'd rather not.

Then my favourite question is always some variation of "What school do you/your siblings go to?"  which of course, royally confuses a five-year-old kid who doesn't go to school.  And nobody knows what to do when we explain that we do school at home.  The conversation just ends. Enter crickets and awkward staring.  We move on, I try and make light hearted conversation, and talk about you know, Justin Bieber or something really hip and relevant to prove that I am a cool Mom who's up with latest important news.

My goal is always the same - to have them think that we are their very favourite patient-family. Ever.

Like we're gonna leave and they're gonna say "Oh my goodness, are they not the best people...ever?" "That kid is so sweet and cooperative and the Mom is so hip and yet so medically competent." "No one is more informed about the necessary precautionary steps for potential hymolitic crisis."  "If it weren't for patient protocol I would totally ask them to join us on our next vacay!"

Tell me I'm not the only one?

Are those more crickets?  Dang.

Tyson is sweet and cooperative, although he is usually much quieter there than anywhere else.

He is so brave when he gets his bloodwork done.

I love the questions he asks in the quiet times in between while we wait.

He consistently says things like "Mom, you're doing such a good job getting me a snack."  Followed by an unprompted kiss.  Tyson is a great encourager.  If you ever need someone to notice the hard work you are doing - he's your boy.

In the end, he decided against Boston Pizza  - "Mom, I still hate Boston (Bruins)" and picked White Spot over McDonalds - dude knows a good thing when he hears it.  Free ice cream and a sweet potato fry upgrade wins with this boy every time.

"Mom, I just love sweet fries."  I'm pretty sure he thinks they are regular fries with added sugar - cause he would always choose more dessert if possible.  (See previous conversation with Dr.)

We lunched, and visited.  He drew me pictures of sunflowers.

He told me that his favourite thing about our family is when we do things we have never done before, "like camping, or maybe bowling or something."  He loves his Daddy because he works so hard for us.  And he really is on the fence about Keaton.  He did eventually admit that sometimes they do have fun together.

The purpose for the trip might not have had fun written all over it,  but we made the best of it, my little companion and I.  We added one more coin to the memory bank, and it was indeed, a grand day out.


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