Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Growing Patience

In a moment of temporary insanity I asked Keaton to help me plant tulip bulbs on Saturday. Sometimes, because I like to be so fast and furious in every task I undertake, I will intentionally ask one of the kids to do a project with me, because I know I need practice in the area of patience.

He didn't want to help so much as do it all by himself.  He might need a little practice too.  He might be an awful lot like his mother in more than one way.

It was a lesson in patience for both of us.

And eventually he got bored and went to do something else he loves.

"Mom, I jes' go jump on de trap-o-LEEEN, and den I be right back"  Which is a lot like "dat's go-be all done"

As Keaton was off enjoying some solo time on the trampoline, I had this crazy "life is like gardening" thought and the more I thought about it, the more it encouraged me.

Sometimes I think raising kids is an awful lot like planting bulbs.

You do a lot of work, and you really don't get any feedback that tells you that you have done a good job.  In fact, a lot of the time it looks like you haven't done anything at all. Sometimes it looks like despite your best efforts the only thing you are growing is weeds.  Bulbs will do that to you.  So will kids.

Bulbs left without nurturing and proper planting will never become a flower.   Kids need nurturing and proper planting too.

Whether it's a big thing like trying to teach a child to control their temper, or something little like training your little one to stay in bed till 7 am, you can spend months wondering if you've done it right in the first place,if what you're doing is making a difference with your kids.  

And all you can do,really, is wait for spring and hope your bulbs have been growing beneath the surface.  You hope flowers poke through- not too early and not too late, and then bloom.  You hope the beauty that you knew was hiding in the gnarly brown seed is now made evident.

With parenting, you hope all those good qualities you've been working on are growing in your kids too.

The waiting can be hard.

Being consistent with your kids, while you're waiting for something beautiful to grow within them can be much harder.

But hang tight.

Spring is coming.


  1. Karina, you somehow have these epiphanies exactly when I need to read them. Thank you.

  2. Great thoughts and as you get older, like us, you pray and ask God to help your grandkids "bloom" for Him in whatever way possible. Patience, I often wonder how God has so much patience with us! Have a wonderful day and enjoy the tulips in spring!


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