Monday, October 10, 2011

Tweens are Great! - FM Guest Post

Morgan and I went out on a coffee date again this past week.

We got Josh to take a picture to mark the occasion.

It looked like this:

It should be noted I am wearing 3 inch heels to appear taller than my girl.

And then the batteries died.  

We wanted to go out.  

Gelato was calling. 

So we left.  Food trumps picture taking prowess in our house.

Despite the bad lighting, and the bad quality setting, I love this picture.  Because it shows off a moment in our relationship that is growing and becoming so good.

I wrote about our dates for Family Matters this month. Here is an excerpt: 

 A tween is often defined as someone between the ages of 8 – 12.  Other times a tween is defined as an alien who has taken over a previously innocent child’s body…either way, you know you’ve got one when you get there!
It has been for the most part, a fabulous journey, one that makes me look forward to the coming teen years.  There are good times to be had in Tweendom, people!  I hope that some of the fabulousness is due in part to some choices we have made and habits we are growing to help us make the most of every age and stage of life and parenting we go through.
The beautiful photography work in that post is courtesy of my sister, Kyla.  She does amazing work!  You can check out her business, Pinball Photography, here.
Happy Monday!

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