Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Saturday Morning Fun

While my kids are sorting and classifying the leftover Hallowe'en candy, I thought I would share our new favourite way to do breakfast on Saturday morning.  It was something my kids did at Josh's parents place a few weeks ago, and Brennan loved it enough to get himself in the kitchen and teach us all how to make this fantastic breakfast treat!

Things I love about this recipe, in no particular order are:

  • Bacon.  Amen.
  • It's easy to customize - the kids label their own bags and do the whole thing by themselves - yay for independence and not having to remember who likes what, where!
  • No frying pan to clean up.  And again I say:  Amen.
  • Brennan doesn't usually gravitate towards cooking - but this will get him working in the kitchen every single time, and that makes this Momma smile!
  • It deserves to be said again:  Bacon.

This recipe has been lovingly dubbed "Egg in a Bag"  by our family - and probably by a lot of other people who have made the same thing.

But I doubt it has ever been shown in such an excellent series of  high quality and artistic photographs.

Begin series:


Get rid of all your frustrations through mashing

Frustrations gone, egg mixed


Don't forget to label the bags!


Toss 'em in!



Please can I kiss this cook?

Where we discovered the cheesy ones need extra cooking ! *Please note we did not feed our son under-cooked eggs!

Tada!  It just slips right out!

Prep Time : 5 min plus (depending on how much prep  your mix-ins require)
Omelette served in:  15 min
Yield:  one, two-egg omelette

2 large eggs
Mix-In Ideas:
Salt and pepper to taste (optional)
Grated Cheese
Splash of Milk or Cream (optional)
Crumbled Pre-cooked sausage or bacon
Medium Freezer Bags (Must be high quality, thick plastic bags- we used Ziploc brand)
Diced Ham

Chopped peppers or spinach
·         Fill a large pot with water and set to boil.
·         Crack two eggs into freezer bag –  I am told one doesn’t work  that well, so stick with two!
·         Add salt and pepper and splash of milk, if using
·         Seal bag well and smoosh it around until the egg is well blended
·         Open bag and add mix-ins – about a Tablespoon of each mix-in seemed to work well – we used bacon and shredded cheddar last time!
·         Seal bag and shake to mix
·         Double check the bag is sealed
·         Toss in boiling water
·         Cook for 5 – 7 (ish) minutes. 
·         One egg is not enough to work well – haven’t tried three, but it would probably work, though you might need to increase the cooking time.
·         We found that “egg in a bag” without cheese cooked in 5 minutes, but with took about 7 minutes.
·         Bacon is great, and should be added to as many meals as is humanely possible.  Just doing my part to support the pork industry.

I'm looking forward to Saturday already!


  1. Neat idea, except for the BPA leaking into your food - cooking plastic bags is the best way to mix that in. Sorry to rain on the bag parade. (Emily)

  2. Hey Emily - Ziploc brand bags are BPA free! Probably why they are more expensive, but worth buying! http://nutrition.about.com/od/ahealthykitchen/tp/bpa-free.htm

  3. Great idea!
    Will have to try it soon.
    And I second the bacon - the more the merrier!

  4. Hey, Karina!
    So have you become a guitar hero yet?? He, he.
    Just wanted to let you know that I pop in here often and look for your next post. I miss your writing.
    I pray you are well, and that God will continue to put things on your heart that you are willing to share with us.
    Be blessed, and be encouraged.
    May you have a truly blessed Christmas season.


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