Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Just Cause You Say It Ain't...


here it goes.

A mini-rant.

Must be something I feel like doing at the beginning of the year. Not that I don't like to rant at other times. I know the Pancake Rant of 2011 wasn't my best work, but I am working on it.  I understand that my rants are not nearly as well noted or predictable as my Dad's famous band-aid rant of 1993, or the the way to fix feeling sorry for yourself rant of 94, or even the Star Trek rant of 92...those were life changing, and I hope one day to be able to rant as well and as memorably as my Dad.  I guess what I am saying is it appears that I have a need to rant in an official, write it out for the 24 people that read this blog to see once a year kind of way, anyway.

Some people have New Year's Resolutions, which I have observed have limited success.  May I suggest you try a New year's Rant. I almost always feel better.

Sometimes it hurts to pull the plank out of my own eye, but I'm willing to take one for the team to say what needs to be said:

Saying "I'm not complaining"  followed be complaining, is still complaining.


I said it.

Kvetching is fine, I have nothing against it when the time is right, but let's just stop pretending that it's somehow not what it is.

It makes me want to chew my own foot off, and you can imagine how much less productive I would become if I mangled my own leg.  Please stop.

And yes, I am complaining about complainers, but I'm not pretending to not complain, so I feel justified.

It's a lot like saying something really ignorant and rude, and adding a just sayin! or my favourite upgrade the:  just saying :)- like the smiley face is going to make telling a pregnant woman she looks like a beached whale feel better.
What I'm just saying is just sayin' is not a Get-out-of-jerk-free card.

Umm...just saying??

Make the world better.

Choose joy

Reflect gratitude

Choose Encouragement

Be known for your thankfulness

Your life, and quite honestly, society will thank you back.


I feel much better.  Happy 2012!


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