Friday, January 6, 2012

A New Year, A New Post for Family Matters!

Hey there blog friends!

It's a new year: time to reflect on all we've accomplished in the year before and make plans for all we would like to become in the new year.

I'm not really good at making resolutions - unless you count "gaining five pounds (minimum) because of the new ice cream maker I was given for Christmas" as a real resolution.  Attainable?  Yes!  In keeping with the spirit of what resolutions usually entail?  Not so much.

Despite my issues with setting goals, I did write about a type of goal setting that our family has been doing for the past few seasons that we have really liked.  It's on the Family Matters blog today -

Here's a teaser for you:

I love lists, or at least the idea of lists.  By nature, I’m a little too free-spirited to really use a list, but there are small, neglected Perfect Country recesses in my brain that nudge at my Fun Country self and ask if they can play.  I entertain these thoughts occasionally and go through phases of thinking about all that I would like to get done in a day, a week, a month – you name it, and then writing it all down.   Of course it goes without saying that the best part of writing a list is crossing things off of said lists, because finishing something always feels good.  In fact, sometimes when I’m feeling discouraged I write backwards lists – things that I have recently accomplished and then proceed to cross them all off. Don’t knock backwards list writing till you’ve tried it!  It gives me that little boost of “you can do this” and I  begin to tackle the next seemingly impossible task – even if it’s just slaying the dreaded Laundry Monster one more time.
Never mind that I often go to the grocery store with a beautifully written list, neatly categorized, only to forget the two things that were absolutely essential for that evening’s dinner, despite that they were written out in my best Getty-Dubay script.   I can only pretend to be from Perfect Country for so long.

Head on over to their blog to check out the whole article.  Then if you are so inclined - leave a comment on their site and tell me what you think!
Our first wishlist!

Happy New Year and Happy Wishlisting!  Now where is my ice cream maker, I've got a resolution to fulfill!

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