Thursday, January 19, 2012

Today I Realized That

...going grocery shopping after being snowed in feels great. Almost as good as getting home with a van load of groceries before the storm hits.

...going grocery shopping with kids is not quite as much fun as going shopping alone.

...that I like to say yes to buying comfy and cozy clothes for my kids, except for the shopping part, that always puts me in a no mood.'s starting to sound like I have issues with shopping, and I do.  I'm ok with that. If I never had to set foot in a store again, that would be ok with me.

....that I love getting glimpses of who my kids are becoming.

...I wish I took more pictures.

...part of  the dearth of picture taking is due to the fact that in order to take a picture, I need to pull away from being in the moment to observing the moment.

...I'm not very good at removing myself from the action for any reason.

...I'm going to miss it when Keaton stops saying "Ax-alater" and "Oma-cycle" for Escalator and Motorcycle.

...Snow beats rain. Every. Single. Time.

...I really liked having all the activities that were supposed to happen this week get cancelled.  Is that weird?

....I was really glad the kids once-a-week school/resource centre wasn't cancelled today.  Is that weird?

...I like food.  Alot.

...Lego is a great invention, but a lousy thing to step on.

... my husband rocks.  I would marry him a hundred times over given the chance. daughter is growing up, and she looks fabulous in glasses.

... having four boys is great.

.... I'd like some cookie dough, right about now.

... God still wants me to grow. I like this, and I hate this.

... I feel loved when my husband chops up lettuce to be vacuum packed.  Ok, that is weird.

...I like buying good shoes.

...I loved hearing Nathan read to Keaton tonight.

....even if he only did it so I would let him watch Wipeout.

... my kitchen needs to be cleaned, and laundry needs to be folded, but writing (if this counts) won.

What did you realize today?


  1. I love singing to the kids at bedtime....
    for more than one reason!

    1. Love it Tara! I bet years from now you will all look back on the bedtime singing routine with fondness!


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