Friday, February 17, 2012

Some Days

Some Days You Reach for Your Goals

And you make it.

Other days you miss

Just keep hanging On.

Fighting Food Shapism

I'd like to revolutionize your world.  Or at least,  your cooking.

Suffice to say that when I'm done talking to my washing machine for the day, the next place I spend the most time in is my kitchen.  When I am in my kitchen, I do my best to find a way to feed my family great (reasonably) healthy food, that doesn't take all day to make. I've got other important things to do, like post pictures to twitter and  think of funny things to say on facebook.  

Priorities people.

Lets start off by saying, the idea that follows (which wasn't my idea, but one I adopted after hearing about it a few years ago) may challenge the way you think about meat, and meat shapes.  But it's time we started confronting food shapism and give alternate shapes a chance to flourish in our kitchens.  

So, I know how many of you wake up in the morning and say, "I'd love to make meatballs for dinner, but they just take sooo much time."

You're correct in saying making meatballs takes a lot of time, and really it's quite gross, all that meat handling. But making meatsquares, or perchance you'd like to call them meat pillows if you like to talk fancy, is a fantastic time-saving alternative.

Here's how you make it happen:

Take your favourite meatball recipe,(mine involves chucking all the ingredients in my mixer equipped with my dough hook,) mix the dickens out of it, and slap it all in a bar pan/cookie sheet with sides.  It works best if you fill the bar pan, side to side - though not to the rim! I have found my bar pans hold about 3 lbs of ground beef comfortably.  Coincidentally, my stomach can almost hold half a pound of cooked meat squares comfortably. 

Once your meat is laying there like a dead cow, you score it into little squares, using a pizza wheel, nylon knife or kitchen utensil of choice - I'm totally open to whatever kitchen equipment you want to use on this, remember, we're aren't shapist around here.
The halfway point

Pop it in your preheated oven and set your timer for half the baking time suggested. When your time goes, pull out your meatsquares and re-score.  Finish baking till done, and not a minute less.  Remove from oven, score one last time with feeling, and you're done!  I like to move mine to a cooling rack and/or my mouth at this point, but again - you do whatever works for you.
I call it: Tasty little squares of goodness on a greasy pan. Not coming to an art show near you
Total time for this lovely exercise in embracing a variety of shapes in my kitchen:  30 minutes from the first flip of the switch on my mixer till they were done on a cooling rack.  And now I have the main part of dinner for tonight done, plus enough to freeze for another day.

Gross?  Maybe, but the whole fam-damily loves the taste of meatballs, and this ensures they get to enjoy one of their favourites far more often. 

Oh, and one more thing.  If you see one of these cow creamers.  Please buy it.  It just makes your day better.  Guaranteed.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

When Your Washing Machine Teaches You a Lesson


It just looks bad, doesn't it?  I mean, If my doctor told me I had disease F:51, I'd probably call my Mom and cry.

And then eat some ice cream.

and a brownie

or seven.


When it shows up on the display of the washing machine, it means it's not working.  It means the four loads of laundry that have accumulated over the last two days are gonna have to accumulate a little longer until someone can fix it.  It means you can turn it on and turn it off, and restart your load, but in the end, nothing is going to work. That's what it means.

It's an F:51, after all.

It means you're gonna have to take your slightly damp and still unclean laundry out of the tub and ponder your laundry for longer than seems appropriate.   You will have to think about things like:  do you put slightly damp and unclean laundry in the dryer? Because who knows when it's going to have a chance to be actually cleaned again...leaving it to rot is the answer.  It kind of feels like it is because it's ...dirty, you don't dry dirty clothes, you dry clean ones...right? I'm no expert on stain removal, but I'm pretty sure adding heat doesn't make things easier.  Except in this case, it's an obscenely large pile of laundry for your obscenely large washing machine.  It's  too much for hanging to dry and it also happens that it accounts for a high percentage of your own clothing, so you'll guess you can't leave it to rot. Or can you?

I really should stop writing in third person.  Cause I'm guessing  you didn't have a problem yesterday with your washing machine - I did.

And I feel like I've been having a lot of F:51 moments lately.

So here's the lesson I learned from something as lame as a washing machine...well not just my washing machine.  More like my washing machine and 32 other little events that have happened over the past few weeks.

It's somewhat telling when I start psycho-analyzing my washing machine.  In my defense, we do spend a lot of time together, and we're pretty close. We fight the Laundry Monster together on a weekly, if not daily basis. But it's downright lugubrious when you see yourself in your own washing machine. .

First of all, the good news:  it turns out F:51 isn't a death knell.

I know you're glad to hear I am not writing this post, posthumously.

After a day of being emptied of it's contents, turned off, an totally ignored, the washing machine is working again.  It turns out F:51 is a secret washing machine code that means:  I love washing your clothes almost all the time.  I'm even really good at it (most of the time). In fact, I know I am fulfilling my created purpose when I clean  your clothes, it even brings me joy to do so.  But right now, I need a break.  I need to do nothing for a little while.  I need to be emptied of work-to-do.  I need...a rest.

At least, I think that's what it means..

I realized a few weeks ago that I have bought into and wrapped my life around some very small but significant kernels of untruth, the first one being:  If I am leading the life God wants me to, I won't need rest.

I have been really good at following my own advice in not leading a stressful-busy life. I haven't, however, been very good in my life at practicing restfulness.  I think I have assumed that as long as I wasn't leading a busy life, I didn't need rest.  I have lived like choosing joy and working hard completes the picture.  I have never felt the need to escape my life, because I love my life.  But this past year, underneath all the joy (which is real, I might add) there is bone tired weariness.  Weariness from living a well-loved life without resting.

I'm good at finding joy, I can find humour in just about everything and that certainly keeps me sane, or at least happily insane.  I'm good at encouragement, I'm good at working hard, but I really have a lot to learn about resting.

When I write it out it seems so obvious.  Of course taking a break from the regular work and responsibilities of your life are a good thing. Like a good friend counselled me, as I started to unravel a few weeks ago:  Taking breaks are not a sign that you hate your life, it's part of living a balanced life.

But in my heart I believed that if I just un-busyed myself enough, that would be the same as resting.  If I was only doing  the things that I really felt God wanted me to, I could do them in perpetuity.

When other people go on vacations, or take breaks, I don't assume there is something wrong with them: that they are desperate to save their marriage or to have something change in their life.   I'm honestly so thrilled to hear about it, because I think vacations are great...for them.   I feel the need to apologize whenever I am doing anything that might be construed as not working.  Like I can't just enjoy something because God is amazing and loves to make life neon awesome.

Which leads me to another lie.

That the goodness that I believe God wants to give to  someone else, is not the same goodness that He wants to give me.

Here's the truth:  God doesn't give me good things with one hand and wait to smack me with the other.

I need to stop living like He does.

For right now it means I am going to do the hard work of learning how to actually rest.

It's going to start with taking a vacation.  How neon awesome is that?  And then when I get back, it's going to mean finding ways to actually observe restfulness on a more regular basis. Any advice you have on the subject is most appreciated!  And if you see me, and you happen to ask me about it, and I start apologizing, or explaining all the reasons I'm not taking the vacation for (not to save my marriage, not to leave a life I hate etc.) please stop me, and just remind me that God can handle it if I take a few days off.

He's got the whole world in his hand, my life included.

So there is a special rest still waiting for the people of God.  For all who have entered into God's rest have rested from their labours, just as God did after creating the world.  So let us do our best to enter that rest...  Hebrews 4:9- 11


Thursday, February 9, 2012

"Plan B" Crafting

I saw this lovely idea the other day for making little valentines mailboxes and thought - Hey, I'd like to make those!  I thought they'd be fun for valentines day and then maybe, if I got my act together I could also use them for little "we love you" gifties for the kids while we were on our holiday in the near future.

So today, which it turns out is also known as too late, I went into town to search for the elusive  little metal mailboxes.

I got skunked.  And, let's be honest, I was a little bummed.  I had visions of sugarplums excited kids looking forward to the yearly Valentines tradition of checking their mailboxes for surprises from Mom and Dad.  Maybe, if I left them out they would start writing little notes of encouragement to one another, maybe they would never have occasion to be snippy or find fault with one another, maybe these mailboxes were the key to family, nay, world peace, and I had missed out on finding them.

I might overestimate the power of crafts.

I still liked the idea of smallish and stylish container that could hold small gifts and notes.  I liked the idea of something durable that I could decorate once, and then not have to wrap said small gifts and notes to put inside.

You call it lazy, I call it...lazy.

Just when I was about to give up, I saw these little unfinished wooden boxes, and decided that for $1.25 a piece, it was worth giving it a try.  I brought them home, spray painted them, and marked them with a "B".  Okay, actually a B, M, N, K & T, (my kids initials - man that's a bunch!) and then did a little stamping and here is how they turned out:

I'm in love, and feeling fairly like a genius.

I ended up getting a brain wave half way through making them and thought - what if I could make them more of a special occasion box, as opposed to just a Valentines box?  Bingo!
This is me, wishing I was a good photographer.  

I was really having a good day, or at least, a good crafting day, and I also thought to make a little pocket to fasten to each lid to hold the other tags.

Yay!  Can't wait to fill these with little somethings!

In case you want to attempt this totally doable craft, here are the supplies I used.  I happened to have everything but the boxes in my possession already, so the grand total for this inspiring moment was $7 and about 3 hours total effort - drying time not included!

Spray paint (Home Depot), Decor Elements White Vinyl, 1 3/8" circle punch, "Got Treats" stamp set, Clips Assortment, Pumpie Pie, Pear Pizzazz Soft Suede, Tempting Turqouise, Cranberry Crisp Markers and Classis Ink, Big Shot Die Cutter, Alphabet dies, cardstock  (Stampin' Up!), Velcro (Staples?), Glue Gun (Michaels), Silver Tray (IKEA),
Piece of card stock 1 3/4" by 5 1/2" - scored at 1/2" and 2 1/2" to make pocket for inside lid. (Some needed to be cut narrower to fit the space in between the lid.)
*If you don't own a Big Shot die cutter, or any stamp sets etc, I would venture you could find stickers that you could substitute with.


  • Cut paper or post-it-note to cover window on the outside and inside of the box.  Alternately, you can just do the outside and spend five minutes scrubbing the inside of the window after you've done spray painting.  Moving along...
  • Spray the boxes and lids using short small strokes.  It is better to do multiple layers of paint than try and get it done in one shot.  I finally believe this after many streaky/blobby spray paint projects - I'm a slow learner, but take my advice, you won't be sorry.
  • When boxes are dry, remove paper
  • Cut out monogram letters using decor elements vinyl sheets in the Big Shot - remember to place it with the back facing you, so your letter won't be backwards when you want to stick it on the glass.
  • Stick monograms onto glass window
  • Use glue gun to stick small clip in bottom corner
  • Make fun little tags using 1 3/8" punch 
  • Fold piece of card stock  to make a pocket, adhere velcro to the side without the flap. As shown in the picture below - cause I don't know how to explain it well otherwise. Place opposite piece of velcro on this piece, and THEN stick it to the lid - no need to worry about lining it up.  This piece will hold all the extra tags that aren't being used.  Or, maybe you're not like me, and you can put those tags somewhere else and not lose them or forget about them.  I'm not judgy, you do what works for you.  The tension of the flap against the lid should be enough to keep everything in! (I hope - or I will have to come with a Plan C!
copyright 2012 - Karina Loewen -  Feel free to share, but please link back to this specific blog post when you do.  And...what else am I supposed to say?  I think something about not claiming this idea as your own when entering contests etc.  Do what's right!

Reality Check
This is what my school/craft room looked like half way through the got worse before it got better.

What you don't hear in that picture are my kids picking and crabbing at each other, and you don't see supper that is not being made when it should be.  Like I said, it was a good crafting moment.  There were some other moments that weren't so awesome.  But it ended well, kids, crafts and all.

Happy Crafting, and may all your Plan B's be beautiful in the end!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Things that Start with T

T is for Twitter
It's been about a week now since I entered the fray and joined Twitter.  So far, I like it.  I feel a different freedom to let my weirdness out a little more there - whether that's good or not remains to be seen. :)

I will admit my start  in the twitterverse was a little rough.

For starters - I still have questions about it:   do people even refer to it as the Twitterverse?  Or is that a Mom-ism, like calling Lego, "legoes"?

I know I'm technically young enough to be hip (I'm 35), but somehow having five kids has a way of calling all those hipster qualities into question.  Case in point - I don't own any TOMS.  (But I think I'd like to, maybe these ones, cause if I can't be a vegan, at least my shoes should be.  I just don't want to look like I'm trying to hard, ya know)
If I can't be hip, maybe my kids can pull it off.  They make TOMS for kids, ya know.

Secondly, the  first two people to follow me initially were porn stars, or people who wished they were porn stars.  I really didn't bother try to check out who they were in an official sense...honest, but it was fairly obvious from their avatars that they were at least aspiring to be that.

It never occurred to me that maybe they thought I was a porn star too.  Huh.

Anyway, I'm hanging out there a little now, and facebook a little less...but only a little.  Balance in everything, right?  If you want to follow me and join the conversation there you can find me @KarinaLoewen.  Good times!

T is for Tripp and Tyler
If you are feeling sad, please watch this.  Guaranteed to make your day better.

How much better?

I'm glad you asked.  Studies have shown that watching videos like this will improve your day by at least 18%.

You're welcome.

T is for Travel
This is big.  Josh and I are going away.  Alone.  For a whole week, for the explicit purpose of  gaining weight and being lazy.  I am really really looking forward to it.  We have never done anything like this before, and everyone tells me it's going to be great. They also tell me I probably should have gone a few years ago.  I believe them on both counts. It's not long now, and I can't wait to see how it all works out!

T is for Tyson
Tyson.  Oh Tyson.  He is so much fun and he is growing up so much this year.  Kindergarten looks good on him!  And like so many kindergartners have done before him, he lost his first tooth on Monday.   It took a couple of tried, but out it came, and there he is, ,wearing his toothless grin with pride.

(insert sad face because I deleted all the pics on my phone accidentally...I hate my phone - maybe I'll take a new one tomorrow)

Be still my heart.

Please slow down.

Love, your Mom

T is for Ta-Ta for Now!
Enjoy your week Peeps!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Dr. Karina, Medicine Woman

I don't remember watching a lot of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, although I do remember that it's what I was watching the day the Princess Diana was killed in her fateful car accident.  Right as the good Dr.was about to deliver her own baby against all odds, in the middle of nowhere, the show was interrupted with the tragic news of her death.

What does this have to do with Friday?  Almost nothing.  Although it is interesting how clear that memory still is years later.

I did think of the good doctor more than once on Friday night as a wicked little flu bug making it's way through the Lower Mainland made itself welcome here. I'm certain there's more than one episode (or perhaps all of them??) with the doctor running about with her beauty intact but her sanity and well-being hanging by a thread, but dad-gum she keeps going cause she knows she's making a difference and people need her.

Clearly there is something about a pioneer setting that speaks to the inner recesses of my soul, when I need to call myself to action.  Either that, or I am so out of date in terms of TV shows, all I have going for me are the memories of what I used to watch before I had kids.  Sad to say, it's probably that.

Without going into the details of the absolute insanity and violent expectoration of bodily fluids that began at 10pm and didn't let up with more than a 10 minute break until 5 am, there are a few observations I made in the midst of everything going on here earlier this weekend.

Laugh so you don't cry, is my go-to philosophy when it comes to most of the trivial annoyances that plague the day to day life of being a Mom. Not to say that I don't ever complain,I'm also capable of being a fantastic complainer.  See here or here, for further proof.  Whenever possible though,  I do my best to push towards creating goodness and finding joy.

With that in mind, I give you:

Life Lessons from the Plague of 2012
(note: when embracing the aforementioned philosophy, hyperbole helps)

Watching half asleep kids try and explain to you they've just emptied their stomach contents on their bedroom floor and are about to do the same on your lap if you don't get them to a bathroom, are equal parts annoying and hilarious. Kind of like trying to get a drunk to walk a straight line, I imagine.

Three-year-olds don't know how to be sick. They are either sleeping from sickness-induced exhaustion or bouncing and asking for spaghetti and hot chocolate, even if they've just completely emptied their stomach contents 14 seconds before.  There clearly is no connection between past history and future results to a young child.

Area rugs should be rolled up and put away at the first sign of nausea. You'll thank yourself later, possibly multiple times.

There is something powerful about helping someone else, or in my case,  five someone elses.  Especially when you feel like you can't do it.

Putting your hair up in a bun after not sleeping for an entire night is a good way to get your hair out of your face, but will not make you look at all like Jane Seymour.  Not even a little bit.

Placing a plastic tablecloth over the couch, but under another blanket is a brilliant way to keep a sick three year old comfy without worry about unexpected ejections of bodily fluids from wreaking havoc on your furniture.  I wish I had thought of that 10 years and five flu bugs earlier.

Doing laundry in the middle of the night, when it's done to eradicate the house of every speck of barf and germs flayed upon it feels good.  Crazy good.

Becoming  borderline obsessive-compulsive about wiping doorknobs, faucets and light switches feels perfectly acceptable when my kids are sick.  So I guess that means if I'm not being Dr. Quinn, I am being Gus Portokalos...except instead of Windex I am using Norwex cloths.

While we're on the subject:  Dear Norwex, can you please change your name so it doesn't sound like a dread disease? That would be awesome.

When I am exhausted, over-tired, and spent, nothing makes me feel better than hearing Josh tell me I am rocking my job as Mom. I am so glad he knows me well enough to not say "Oh you poor thing".  To me, pity is crippling, but encouragement and a well-timed -"you can do it!" is all the rally cry I need.  It gives hope and breathes new life into my tired bones!  He's a good man.

Today, we are more well rested and everyone is hopeful that by tonight the barf buckets will be sterilized and put away for a long, long time.  But it's good to know, that even in the midst of chaos, there is joy and  perhaps even a thing or two to be thankful for.

Now where did I put my Norwex cloth?

Friday, February 3, 2012

Cause Why Not

I found this in the draft section of my facebook page from over a year ago, I don't know who sent it to me, and I don't like tagging 25 people - but it made me laugh, because I'm a geek, and I sort of apologize for being cheeky.  But only sort of.

1. What time did you get up this morning?
6 am
2. How do you like your steak?
3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema?
It's been so long I can't remember - the last of the Bourne series maybe? It was good as I recall!
4. What is your favorite TV show?
Historically my favourite show answer would be the original Carol Burnett show, but lately, and it's still 10 years old...Firefly...bring back Serenity!
5. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
kind of like where we are - BC wins for now!
6. What did you have for breakfast?
haven't had it yet - drinking a Latte right now though - does that count?
7. What is your favorite Cuisine?
Are you cooking for me? Then that's my favorite.
Food is my favorite type of cuisine.
8. What foods do you dislike?
raw tomatoes and onions
9. Favorite place to eat?
Anywhere that is just Josh and I
10. Favorite dressing?
California Salad Dressing - Mom's recipe!
11. What kind of vehicle do you drive?
Moby Dick, a big white whale of a mini van.
12. What are your favorite clothes?
Anything that makes me look 10 pounds lighter
13. Where would you visit if you had the chance?
Matt & Fify - wherever they are. And if they don't want to see us :) London.
14. Cup 1/2 empty or 1/2 full?
Neither - it's FULL
15. Where would you want to retire?
Do Mom's ever retire???
16. Favorite time of day?
17. Where were you born
Chilliwack, BC
18. What is your favorite sport to watch?
I'd rather not - but hockey is the only one I sort of understand, so I guess it winsl
19. Who do you think will not tag you back?
Matt :-)
20. Person you expect to tag you back first?
I don't know
21. Who are you most curious about their responses to this?
22. Bird watcher?
Seriously? I can think of so many better things to do and I have no patience
3. Are you a morning person or a night person?
24.Do you have pets?
No, I have five kids, that's enough pets thanks
25. Any new and exciting news you'd like to share?
I love CLCC (our church).
26. What did you want to be when you were little?
A singer
27. What is your best childhood memory?
I had a great childhood, but sadly, I have no specific memories. Ask my brother, he has enough for both of us.
28. Are you a cat person or a dog person?
People person, sorry cats and dogs.
29. Are you married?
30. Always wear your seat belt?
31. Ever been in a car accident?
2. Any pet peeves?
Probably best not to get started here, or I will start ranting, and I am sure that is someone else's pet peeve...
33. Favorite pizza toppings?
Chicken,carmelized onions, pesto
34. Favorite flower?
Are you bringing? Then that is my favorite.
35. Favorite ice cream?
Moose Tracks
36. Favorite fast food restaurant?
Ew. My love affair with fast food died a few years ago.
37. How many times did you fail your drivers test?
Once - totally froze at the first intersection and forget how to drive...I may not like tests :)
38.From whom did you get your last email?
Josh!  We're like, so in love we just can't stop emailing and texting. It's crazy.
39. Which store would you choose to max out your credit card?
I have no idea - I don't shop unless I have to. But if you're babysitting, then I might give it a whirl just about anywhere.
41. Like your job?
Love it.
42. Broccoli?
Yes, but only because I should.
43.Your favorite things to do on vacation?
Relaxing and Free Fun... (if Josh is with me, that is)
44. Last person you went out to dinner with?
45. What are you listening to right now?
The sound of the fan upstairs. my typing
46. What is your favorite color?
47. How many tatoos do you have?
Wouldn't you like to know....ok, None
48. How many are you tagging for this quiz?
i don't know yet - trying to think who won't hate me for tagging them! I know, i won't tag anyone, and I'll just post it to my blog.
49. What time did you finish this quiz?
6:58 am

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tack-a-leakers and Other Things

Friday in the Park
Before the Snowmageddon of 2012 came upon us, my youngest two and I went to a park AND I brought my camera.  I haven't decided which is the bigger miracle:  bringing my camera, or taking them to the park of my own free will, without having a "reason".

Playing has been my greatest downfall as a parent, I'm probably gonna spend the rest of my parenting career trying to improve on that.  I never played well as a kid, I did things, or probably more correctly, I conquered things. Anyway, in a fit of we have to make good memories that involve me doing something else besides laundry and grocery shopping, we hit the park.

Tyson and Keaton get along best when they play outdoors, and funny enough, when I am playing with them.
It's a little Dickensian when they are together.  You know:  the best of times and the worst of times.  Many a morning I have had a season of hope and a season of despair regarding their relationship in the space of five minutes. But this outing was the best of times - double rainbow, if you will.

Here they are, having fun, being the best-of-times brothers.  So I drink them in, and focus on this moment.

Things I'd like to remember about now:
Keaton still calls binoculars: tackaleakers, and I'm pretty sure he's gonna outgrow it soon.  Thinking of that reminds me of so many other funny things, that I'm sure only I think are funny, that my kids used to do.  I wish I had more of them written down, cause for the most part all I have left now are good feelings.

Bonus memory: Morgan used to call Maria from Sound of Musc, Joaf (rhymes with loaf).  Yeah.  We'll have to ask Jesus about that one.   

Don't Over-Carpe
That night Josh left on a business trip, and so I rallied.  I thought I would bust out every ounce of we can make the most of it AND I was determined to take pictures of the many fabulous moments we had, so that I would look back on these weekends when my pioneer spirit comes into full play with fondness.

The next morning, we had the exciting breakfast of I don't care about the dentist or the sugar crash an hour later junk cereal, which in case you didn't know, increases your fun factor as a parent by 37% on any given weekend, but by a full 48% if you are flying solo.  I highly recommend it.

I started taking pictures of the great rejoicing that took place when I surprised them with this amazing treat.  I began to observe the fun. I really tried, with my limited skills and old camera to capture the beauty of the moment.  I mean, I was Carpe Dieming and Carpe Kairosing all at the same time.  I think Morgan was sleeping.

Then I was reminded that being a multi-tasker and Laura Ingalls and the photog for the weekends events might not be a good idea.

Exhibit A:

Otherwise entitled - there will be no more pictures of the weekends festivities.  Except for one:

Ok, two...

Morgan did the whole thing on her own, start to finish.  It was delicious and beautiful, and a perfect way to celebrate Josh's arrival back home on Sunday.

I may or may not have invented calorie-free homemade ice cream that went with the cake.  Right now I'm leaning towards may on the ice cream and a big fat may not on the calorie-free part.  But a girl can dream.

All in all, the weekend was great.

Even if I can't be trusted to hold a camera and feed and care for my kids at the same time.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dear Stores...

About all those awesome exclusive membership extra value appreciation bonus points super duper favourite customer cards and tags you make me carry...I hate them. They make my wallet and mind fill to overflowing and I feel so despondent when heaven forbid, I forget one because it has magically disappeared from my wallet just as I entered your premises.

Please just lower your prices, and I'll deal with not feeling like I got an amazing discount.

I'm glad we had this talk.