Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tack-a-leakers and Other Things

Friday in the Park
Before the Snowmageddon of 2012 came upon us, my youngest two and I went to a park AND I brought my camera.  I haven't decided which is the bigger miracle:  bringing my camera, or taking them to the park of my own free will, without having a "reason".

Playing has been my greatest downfall as a parent, I'm probably gonna spend the rest of my parenting career trying to improve on that.  I never played well as a kid, I did things, or probably more correctly, I conquered things. Anyway, in a fit of we have to make good memories that involve me doing something else besides laundry and grocery shopping, we hit the park.

Tyson and Keaton get along best when they play outdoors, and funny enough, when I am playing with them.
It's a little Dickensian when they are together.  You know:  the best of times and the worst of times.  Many a morning I have had a season of hope and a season of despair regarding their relationship in the space of five minutes. But this outing was the best of times - double rainbow, if you will.

Here they are, having fun, being the best-of-times brothers.  So I drink them in, and focus on this moment.

Things I'd like to remember about now:
Keaton still calls binoculars: tackaleakers, and I'm pretty sure he's gonna outgrow it soon.  Thinking of that reminds me of so many other funny things, that I'm sure only I think are funny, that my kids used to do.  I wish I had more of them written down, cause for the most part all I have left now are good feelings.

Bonus memory: Morgan used to call Maria from Sound of Musc, Joaf (rhymes with loaf).  Yeah.  We'll have to ask Jesus about that one.   

Don't Over-Carpe
That night Josh left on a business trip, and so I rallied.  I thought I would bust out every ounce of we can make the most of it AND I was determined to take pictures of the many fabulous moments we had, so that I would look back on these weekends when my pioneer spirit comes into full play with fondness.

The next morning, we had the exciting breakfast of I don't care about the dentist or the sugar crash an hour later junk cereal, which in case you didn't know, increases your fun factor as a parent by 37% on any given weekend, but by a full 48% if you are flying solo.  I highly recommend it.

I started taking pictures of the great rejoicing that took place when I surprised them with this amazing treat.  I began to observe the fun. I really tried, with my limited skills and old camera to capture the beauty of the moment.  I mean, I was Carpe Dieming and Carpe Kairosing all at the same time.  I think Morgan was sleeping.

Then I was reminded that being a multi-tasker and Laura Ingalls and the photog for the weekends events might not be a good idea.

Exhibit A:

Otherwise entitled - there will be no more pictures of the weekends festivities.  Except for one:

Ok, two...

Morgan did the whole thing on her own, start to finish.  It was delicious and beautiful, and a perfect way to celebrate Josh's arrival back home on Sunday.

I may or may not have invented calorie-free homemade ice cream that went with the cake.  Right now I'm leaning towards may on the ice cream and a big fat may not on the calorie-free part.  But a girl can dream.

All in all, the weekend was great.

Even if I can't be trusted to hold a camera and feed and care for my kids at the same time.

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