Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Things that Start with T

T is for Twitter
It's been about a week now since I entered the fray and joined Twitter.  So far, I like it.  I feel a different freedom to let my weirdness out a little more there - whether that's good or not remains to be seen. :)

I will admit my start  in the twitterverse was a little rough.

For starters - I still have questions about it:   do people even refer to it as the Twitterverse?  Or is that a Mom-ism, like calling Lego, "legoes"?

I know I'm technically young enough to be hip (I'm 35), but somehow having five kids has a way of calling all those hipster qualities into question.  Case in point - I don't own any TOMS.  (But I think I'd like to, maybe these ones, cause if I can't be a vegan, at least my shoes should be.  I just don't want to look like I'm trying to hard, ya know)
If I can't be hip, maybe my kids can pull it off.  They make TOMS for kids, ya know.

Secondly, the  first two people to follow me initially were porn stars, or people who wished they were porn stars.  I really didn't bother try to check out who they were in an official sense...honest, but it was fairly obvious from their avatars that they were at least aspiring to be that.

It never occurred to me that maybe they thought I was a porn star too.  Huh.

Anyway, I'm hanging out there a little now, and facebook a little less...but only a little.  Balance in everything, right?  If you want to follow me and join the conversation there you can find me @KarinaLoewen.  Good times!

T is for Tripp and Tyler
If you are feeling sad, please watch this.  Guaranteed to make your day better.

How much better?

I'm glad you asked.  Studies have shown that watching videos like this will improve your day by at least 18%.

You're welcome.

T is for Travel
This is big.  Josh and I are going away.  Alone.  For a whole week, for the explicit purpose of  gaining weight and being lazy.  I am really really looking forward to it.  We have never done anything like this before, and everyone tells me it's going to be great. They also tell me I probably should have gone a few years ago.  I believe them on both counts. It's not long now, and I can't wait to see how it all works out!

T is for Tyson
Tyson.  Oh Tyson.  He is so much fun and he is growing up so much this year.  Kindergarten looks good on him!  And like so many kindergartners have done before him, he lost his first tooth on Monday.   It took a couple of tried, but out it came, and there he is, ,wearing his toothless grin with pride.

(insert sad face because I deleted all the pics on my phone accidentally...I hate my phone - maybe I'll take a new one tomorrow)

Be still my heart.

Please slow down.

Love, your Mom

T is for Ta-Ta for Now!
Enjoy your week Peeps!

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  1. This video made my day, the last part really killed me, mmmmhhh fart.
    Have a blessed day.


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