Saturday, March 31, 2012


I was walking around the house today, and each room was (ok, IS)  full of the leftovers of a day or two of good things, boring things, and everyday things that make life grand but houses messy.

I have heard rumours there are those who can live life without making a mess, but I am not one of them.

I blame my Dad for that.  I also blame him for the fact that I can't stand to live in a mess, though I am fantastic at creating them...riddle me that!

Maybe he'll come and clean up for me to assuage his guilt.   

Or not.  
Not is okay too, Dad.

Original Next Paragraph:
Since every little thing I do is magic, and I make the mundane look beautiful without even trying, I thought it would be worth documenting what life looks like after living happens.  Don't even try to top my amazing's just not possible, my camera and I are one.  I spent hours getting the setting-thingys just right and waited for the perfect light before I took these pictures.

Alternate next paragraph:
I ran around the house and took some pictures on my decrepit camera on the auto setting.  

Really I do this for posterity, so that when my kids are gone and my daughter and daughters-in-law (daughter-in-laws, daughters-in-laws??) are feeling like all they do is clean up messes they and their kids make, I can say that "it's okay, my house used to be like that too when my kids were young."

I write that as though I'm gonna grow out of being messy or something.  Maybe it will comfort me in 20 years to see that nothing has really changed! 

I plan on blitzing the house and getting it back to it's "before" state so my brain can turn off as soon as I'm done here.  But before I spend that sweet time putting my brain/life/house in order, I give you :

"After..a Series of Photographs About Living"

coming soon to an Art Gallery near you*

*not really, like you needed me to point that out
After Waking

After School

After Quiet Time
After Supper
After Girls Night and Some of the Day Following

After Girls Night and One Post-Craft Half-Hearted Cleaning Attempt

After All the Laundry  In the House Was Cleaned and Put Away for Five Minutes
Sometimes I wish my house was always neat and tidy, as though it was staged for a house showing.  I love the beauty of  things in their place.  It's restful and welcoming to come into.   But a life that is always staged isn't a life being lived, at least not by me.  And I know, I know, some people can live life well without always having enormous messes to clean up, and I am a little in awe of people who do that well. But if it's going to be a toss up between me doing things, creating things, sharing good food (or nachos), laughing together or having a house that's always picture perfect, I'm gonna do my best to make the biggest and best messes, because that is where our best memories are gonna be made.

"If you can't make it better, you can laugh at it."
Erma Bombeck


  1. I'm way messier than my husband. poor him! i like these pictures :)
    what actually stood out to me (this is probably not what you're expecting), but in that laundry basket, the top right pair of jeans has the "remove tag before washing" tag on it. I find that interesting. that's almost (i stress 'almost') as good as removing the plastic cover on any brand new electric gadget/appliance...

  2. I always forget to remove those silly tags - then I'm always setting off alarms when I go to the mall - which fortunately for me, isn't that often. You are kind to say you like my pictures, I wish I knew the first thing about taking them! Ready Fire Aim also applies to my picture taking ability :)

  3. A picture doesn't have to be great quality to be loved! i like the reality of them. too often we try to make a great appearance - show our best side, whether it be ourselves or our homes; but in reality, many of us live just like you've shown here. and that, I like :)

  4. the only thing wrong with all those pics is that you were obviously creating without me!

  5. Oh Monica, don't you know you are at the top of my crafty-girls list? The creating happened when Morgan's small group from church came over and got craftastic here!

    When are we getting our craft on again? It's been too long!

  6. Thank you for reminding me that other folks homes don't look nice and tidy all the time too....I KNOW it already really, but it sure is nice to SEE it too!!!


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