Friday, March 30, 2012

Good News Bad News

Let's play a game of Good News-Bad News, shall we?  I'll go first.

Good News: I am do-er.  I like being the handy-girl around the house.
Bad News: Ready? Fire!! Aim! is sometimes my motto.
Good News:  I found out what was plugging the downstairs toilet

Bad News:  It was a carrot
Good News:  I finally got the carrot out  and the toilet set back up, bolts and all.
Bad News: I cracked the toilet lid (but thankfully not the tank! or the tile floor) in the process
Good News:  I got the toilet hooked back up again
Bad News: It's still not flushing - more carrot in the mysterious unreachable bends of the toilet perhaps?
Good News:  I'm sure Josh will be able to fix it
Bad News:  He's gone all weekend.
Good News:  This is really a first world problem - we have more than one toilet in the house.

You like this don't you?  Ok, let's play again.

Good News:  We made this popcorn-covered-in-white-chocolate-and-cake-mix recipe for the youth group gathering here tonight - it really only took 10 minutes to make, which is fab!
Bad News:  I may singlehandedly eat 24 cups of popcorn before they get here.
Good News:  Morgan put it in the fridge to save me and save some for her friends
Bad News:  She should have put it in the neighbours fridge if she really wanted to stop me.

Good News:  There's always more good news than bad news.  Because news - good and bad is half what it is and half what you make of it.  Especially when it comes to toilets and popcorn.

Do you have any Good News, Bad News, Good News stories from today?


  1. Hello, awesome Friday-night laugh!!! Seriously, this was most enjoyable. i congratulate you on disassembling and reassembling the toilet by yourself. even if it means you fired before aiming :)

  2. Glad you enjoyed it Kelly. There must be some purpose to all the nutty predicaments I get myself into :)

  3. Yes - the purpose of lighting up other people's lives :) and personal growth and development?

  4. Wow that sounds really noble of me :) Let's go with that! You're awesome, Kelly!


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