Monday, March 12, 2012

Meh-he-co and the Books Read Therein, plus the Prefix: Re

A few weeks ago, I hit a wall, and started to fall apart.  The kind of wall you hit when you spend months letting support systems fall by the wayside one by one because "it's ok, you can handle it."

In case you are trying this method of running your life let me save you the trouble and tell you how it ends: Eventually you will became capable of precisely nothing. Even the things you know God wants you to do.

You still have to do the right things the right way.  (or for the right reasons) or it just won't work in the end.

I was exhausted.  I told Josh to either find a way to take a holiday with me, or to book me a padded room  and I was only sort of joking.

I turns out I am not a Rock, I am not an Island.  But I will always love Simon and Garfunkel.  And Josh.  And Jesus. And my kids...and lots of other people.  Moving on. 

Because God's timing is great and Josh is super fabulous - we went away.  I planned to do exactly nothing.  Nothing, except re-think, re-evaluate, and re-assess my life so far.  So like I said, nothing.

This is how he looks when he's happy.  Reading his tablet (slowly) and not being social= Josh's happy place
Josh and I both had moments while we were both a little in awe of the location, the warmth,  and the whole resort experience when we realized-  this isn't even God's best work.  It was amazing, but we both had to laugh as we imagined getting to heaven to hear God say.  "Yeah, I hope you don't mind it here, I mean, I think I peaked when creating (fill -in-the-blank of your favourite place on earth) but I hope you don't mind this second-best heaven for the rest of eternity."

Heaven is going to be great.  It's the ultimate all-inclusive, we decided.
almost heaven
I read - apparently a lot. It wasn't like I was trying to read alot, I just did what I wanted to do.  Karina's recipe for relaxing vacation looks like this: read, write, eat, tan, read, eat, read, eat, write...wash rinse, repeat for 7 days. I know how you're all dying to go away with me sometime soon.

Geek Warning:  If you were hoping to hear about how many bodice-rippers I made my way through, I'm just gonna have to disappoint you.   I'm a philosophy/psychology/theology geek without a degree - what degree would that be anyway? - and I (think I) am okay with that.  Someone please confirm I'm not the only one like this...

First Book:  A Tale of Three Kings - a novel about leadership...
Second Book:  7 Habits of Highly Effective People...a few people have read this before
Third book:  Mere C.S. Lewis - you may have heard of him.

They were exactly what I needed to read.  They changed me, they challenged me, and it seems weird to come home from a trip to Mexico excited about the books I read and the thoughts I thinked, but that's just the type of trip it was.  Maybe one day I'll be able to put it better into words.  It was life changing.

I feel remade, and that, was worth the trip.


  1. I'm so happy for you! Next time don't wait to long for the holiday ;)

  2. Tale of Three Kings totally was a mental turning point for Cam and I too..not that long of a book but totally simply challenging. Can't wait to hear more about your retreat! :)

  3. oh...and forgot i was's Jen here! duh...

  4. AWESOME!!!!! what a fantastic holiday. so happy for yoU!!!

  5. Well written and worth the read!
    Meaningful,life changing experiences, holidays,or otherwise - are simply the best :)


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