Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Streams of Consciousness

Watch out, what you are about to read is really extremely random.

Twitter is quite a lot of fun.  It's totally different than facebook, mostly because very few that I actually know use it.  My feed is full of people that are way more confident than me posting comments about social justice, politics and dream-chasing.   And I still don't really get how it works, fully: did the person I mentioned actually see my tweet?  cause I can't see that they saw it, and they never said anything about it - that I can tell...really big issues like that.  I'm pretty sure twitter is good for the narcissist in all of us, anyway.

Mostly I find it terrifying, and I say nothing that matters,  although sometimes I might say something kind of amusing.  At any rate it sure is interesting to watch, and to think about what I might say one day when I feel like I know enough about something to say something about it.

If you want to see me say nothing important to no-one in particular, you can follow me @KarinaLoewen

On Feeling Younger
I discovered this week that having a breakout of unsightly blemishes on my face, while it might remind me of being 14 does not have the additional desired effect of making me feel younger.  Go figure.

So far I love getting older.  I just wish the confidence of 35 had happened when I was 25.  Then I would be as confident as I am now, but without the need for expensive bras and well made shoes.

Seasonal Weather Swings
The beginning of almost every morning 2 weeks ago looked like this.

It's funny how spring snow fails to incite the same interest from the kids as winter snow does.  The best we got each morning that week was "What???  It snowed again??"  No one asked for boots, or sleds, or mittens, it was more like "Snow??  That is SO last January."

In true BC fashion we went from daily snowfalls and temps hovering near zero to glorious spring sunshine and plus 14 (that's 57 American :) Not exactly balmy, but enough to get us excited)

If there is one thing we are good at in the Fraser Valley, it's rejoicing when the sun comes out. People descend on the parks and trails en mass at the first glimmer of non-rain, and this weekend was no exception.

These first few days of unmitigated spring sunshine were wonderful, and we took the opportunity to go on our first bike ride, and took a few walks to the school playground near our house.

I noticed a few things about my kids:

They really love each other.  I think.

Nathan has surpassed me in upper body strength, and he's 8.   I got tired just watching him rock those monkey bars over and over.

Monkey in Training
It makes me happy that they still love the swing sets.

When we moved to our current home I was quite sad that we had to get rid of our mammoth swingset, lovingly named "Goliath".  It's up at my parents place now but it's just not the same: it doesn't look nearly as ridiculous/awesome on their 20 acres as it did on city lot at our last house.

Confession: I still love jumping off mid-swing, I imagine one day that will all end badly.
The kids are getting good at jumping off as well, and I was reminded as I took pictures of them disembarking that like so many things in life - it feels more awesome than it looks.

 Never mind.  It looks awesome too.

"Hey Mom, take my picture and send it to Auntie Loni, and Gramma...and Auntie Lisa, and Auntie Kyla, and .....Auntie Fify" .  He knows his peeps need him.
Also - these are all pictures from my POC (Piece of crap, this site is family friendly y'all) phone.  I'm really trying to get better at taking more pictures, and if this is how it has to happen, so be it!  Now to just get me a better phone...

Best Diet Ever
De-cluttering is my favourite form of weight loss.  I can lose a hundred pounds in a day, and still eat cake for dessert.  I have lost hundreds of pounds this past week.  I have also eaten lots of dessert to celebrate this past week.

So to sum up:  my basement is organized but my pants are tight.

Happy Thursday!

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  1. this was a fun read :) great pictures on the POC phone - because pictures of jumping off the swing are definitely just as awesome as actually doing it.
    if you want to eat more cake, come on over and declutter my house :)


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