Monday, April 16, 2012

Pictures and Poetry

The last two weeks in pictures.  And maybe a couple of words, cause I won't be silenced.

First Hockey Game and Egg Poems
In our family, we don't play hockey, so much as just watch it.  It's much less expensive than actually playing the sport, plus you can eat snacks while you do it.

We share some portion (again, with the mathematical specifics) of a season of AHL tickets, and it was Keaton's turn to go to his first game with Josh.  Dude lasted a whole 10 minutes before he was bored and wanted to come home.  However, our intensive snack training paid off and he stayed till the end of the second period because of popcorn.

 Score one for Mom and Dad!

While they were away, the other kids and I decorated eggs for Easter.  I'm not ashamed to say my initial reason for doing this was solely out of guilt.  I like decorating eggs, but letting other creatures have free reign with intensely colour-saturated water, oil and vinegar, gives me the no feeling.   But, because my kids need to have some other memories of me, aside from folding laundry and checking facebook, we decorated eggs.  And for the record, the guilt and the no feeling does go away and fun takes over once I get off my tuchus and say yes!


Makes This:

Or was it the other way around?

You're's both.

I wrote a poem just now to honour the occasion:

Colouring Easter eggs makes quite a mess
Why we all do it is anyone's guess
When it was done
The kids said they had fun
And my inside voice managed not to escape.

*Hint:  It's always more fun to NOT rhyme the last line of a limerick, no matter what your English teacher told you.*

Choosing What To Remember
I like remembering moments like these.

Even if the reason they happened was so that I can get one last cram session in with the kids before our portfolios were due.   I am learning  to be more organized so that less cramming is necessary, but it's like learning a foreign language for me.  I will never think and dream in the language of Organized Land, but I will hopefully learn enough phrases that my kids won't have to suffer for having a mother who diagnosed with chronic Flybytheseatofyourpantsitis.

Spring is Here, Kinda, ,Sorta
Water guns and rain jackets.  It's April in BC.

Hope your Monday makes you feel this good:  footloose and fancy free.

And if Monday makes you feel kind of out of focus and like you're suspended in mid air, then this picture is also for you.

Make it a good one!

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