Thursday, April 12, 2012

Things I Love Thursday

A while back I was thinking.

Yes, that is a complete statement.

And while I was thinking, this thought came to mind.  "I want chocolate."  

That comes to mind almost every time I think. 

The second thought that follows right after that is usually "Why did Fox have to cancel Firefly?"

In case you wondered, there is never going to be a reasonable explanation for that one.

But it's the third thought that I had that I wanted to share with you, and it goes something like this:

"Maybe someone in blogland would like to know some favourite things that make my life easier or better?"  

And maybe that is or isn't true, but I know I love getting good ideas and  I've been thinking about it for quite sometime now - and I wanted to call it Things I Love Thursdays, which means I would kind of be committed to posting on Thursdays, or at least I should be committed to that, and you can guess how often I think of things on a Tuesday or Friday, and this is getting to be quite a run-on sentence so I'll stop now.

Silly though it may be, here is my first favourite thing.

Maybe I should set it up first?  

Making soup bases from scratch is time consuming, and really not feasible unless you are regularly cooking large roasts or birds.  Buying consomme/ soup broth in a can or tetra pack is expensive.  Powdered soup bases are kind of disgusting and usually full of junk I'd rather not eat.  So, when I saw this little gem, Better than Bouillon in the spice isle at Costco a few months back, I was willing to give it a try.

Things I love:

1) The price - it's around $6.50 per jar, and each jar makes about 19L (20 Q) of soup stock.  If I recall correctly, getting a 1 L box of soup stock for less than $2 is usually a pretty good price, and this is way less than that.  Way less is my favourite kind of math answer.  Did I mention I'm teaching my kids? 

2) The contents:  I can pronounce everything on the ingredient label. I am ok with the "maltodextrin" additive.  It's not at the top of the ingredient list, and it's not a chemical based additive (I believe it's a sugar derived from starchy vegetables: corn, potato etc.)  It is reduced sodium, so while it's still has a lot, it's a better alternative to what's out there, plus I usually use a little less per cup than suggested, so that would reduce it even further.

3) The size:  It needs to be kept in the fridge once opened, but the jar is not too big. It's smaller than a pint jar and takes up far less space than boxed (tetra) soup stocks.

4) The taste:  It's great- tastes like "real" soup base, not powdered shmatteh.

Here's an exciting action shot of me adding the soup base to what will be Shepherd's Pie.  I can hear your shock and awe at how this is going to revolutionize your  Lifes?

I am sorry my picture taking abilities stink.  Anyone want to get me a better camera and teach me how to use it?

It should be noted that I have received nothing at all for letting my teeny tiny blog audience know about this product.  Superior Touch/Better than Bouillon doesn't even know I exist.  

So there you go - my first  Things I Love Thursday  post.

Let me know what you think if you do decide to try it!  Or, feel free to write about something different that you love (in any category, not just kitchen far!) and link back to this post.  

Good things should be shared!

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