Friday, April 20, 2012

Time to Celebrate

Tonight's a big night around here.  A first time birthday sleepover for the birthday boy tonight.

Officially Mom, I would like to apologize for every sleepover I made you host for me.  I understand now how difficult it must have been to get all excited to anticipate kids who've eaten too much sugar, and have had too little sleep in the days following the excitement.

But, ooooh the excitement.  Bren can hardly contain himself, and that does make it worth it...almost.

I am well armed with all-you-can-make-and-eat pizza, enough fruits and veggies to satisfy my inner health critic, chips, pop, birthday cake popcorn and, at the request of the birthday boy, an ice cream cake. I just hope there is enough, Bren can out-eat everyone in our house right now, and that's saying something!

The fun thing I got done today, that I meant to get done 6 months ago, is this great birthday wreath.  I originally saw it on another blog somewhere in the blogosphere , so I can't take credit for the great idea.  It was ridiculous how simple it was to make.  I bought a wire wreath frame from the local craft store, hacked up some ribbon and tied it in knots around the frame and then just started tying on un-blown/deflated balloons all over it - no glue gun required!  I added a small picture frame I got at a thrift store, smacked it with black  craft ink and added embossing sparkles.
Come on in...we're having  a party for this guy!

Would you like a statistic? I thought so.  Sparkles make birthday wreaths 22% better - totally worth it, especially if you already have the supplies in your house.

I love it!  And the best part is it is easy to re-use it while always keeping it personal to the birthday boy or girl because of the picture in the frame - Huzzah!

Well, I best be off - I have fruit kebabs to assemble, pizza dough to make,veggies to chop, and this to conquer:

Yes, the Laudry Monster is back with a vengeance.  Wreath making will do that.

Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. you should have called me - I'd have folded that laundry for you! :)

  2. Hi Karina - I can't remember if we've met, but I know I've known who you are for many years from growing up in Abby and we have several mutual friends. (Hi Kelly!) Now I see your blog has the same quote on it as mine does - so we must make this official!

  3. Rachel - welcome to the blog! I can't remember if we've met either. But, seeing as how we are both so brilliant, we'll have to try and change that soon!


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