Monday, April 2, 2012

Truth In Labeling

I bought these fun pillows for my living room last week.  If you're keeping track, yes, I've decided that I like to change my couch pillows with the seasons. It's less expensive than buying new couches.
Spring for $7, yes please!
I should add that my husband is in love with pillows, he just loves the way they tuck in behind him when he sits down on the couch.  If there's one thing he asks for it's "Please, can we have some more pillows in our home."  And because I am such a great Proverbs 31 wife, I oblige.

What was that sarcastic font called again?

Back to the pillows.

They are technically classified as "outdoor pillows", as in, it said so on a bright red tag attached to each one.  Leaving Proverbs 31 for a moment, I decided it would be alright to disobey and use them inside.  First, I removed the paper "outdoor pillow" tag, then I ripped off the "do not remove upon penalty of death" tag, cause really, I'm so gangsta.  Then I removed this label:

So...they're telling me it's an outdoor pillow that can't get wet, or cold, and is afraid of the dark? Sounds like a great outdoor pillow to me.

Isn't that like labeling something peanut-free and then saying in the fine print do not ingest if you are allergic to nuts?

or like vacationing in an RV with satellite TV, air conditioning,  and a dishwasher and calling it camping?

I thought so.

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