Friday, June 8, 2012

The Best Day Ever

Tyson and I had what Tyson described as "The best day ever" last Thursday.

We were at Children's Hospital in Vancouver.

In the ER.

It didn't matter that he needed an IV, and bloodwork.  It didn't matter that he couldn't eat for 6 hours while we waited to see if he needed any new scans or xrays.   It didn't matter that he was stuck there with nothing but his Mom and a bunch of nurses and doctors who kept asking...Are you feeling ok? Does this hurt?  Can you take a deep breath...and again...and again?

Because friends, they had a TV with Treehouse AND a Nintendo DS.

And that is what choosing joy is all about.
And just so's ya don't panic - we were sent home safe and sound later that day.  All is well.  God is good.  Our journey continues :)

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  1. Love it! I was praying for him that day. Raine had filled me in and asked for prayer. Glad everything is ok.


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