Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Littlest Man

This is Keaton.  My 20-percent-added-bonus-baby.

He's hardly a baby anymore.  In fact we often call him Brutus, just cause he's built like a Mac truck,and calling him a go-getter is somewhat of an understatement.  

His idea of fun every morning is to see how many steps up from the landing he can jump off of without breaking a limb.  

This morning it was five.  

I think for my sake, I'm going to have to ask him to stop that morning ritual.  I just can't imagine it going well in the ER if I try and explain stair-jumping to someone who's never had a gaggle of boys who seem to get braver (and smarter, ahem) with each passing day.  

Maybe brave isn't the best word.  But really isn't bravery just doing what seems un-doable to everyone else? "If I made 2 steps, why not 3?  I made 3, how about 4?"  It stands to reason that Superman's Mom must have let him start leaping stairs before he started to leap tall buildings in a single bound.  

If he doesn't become a super-hero he is at least hoping to save the world from evil mushrooms and turtles.  I'm quite thankful he doesn't have a big black mustache at three years old though.

Yesterday he informed Tyson at the dinner table of the following:

"Tyson, Ma-sin (Madison) wants to kiss me"

He paused for a moment as if to let it all sink in.  Tyson probably ignored him or at best raised his eyebrows with a "Whaaa???"

Then, in a way that only 3 year olds who are very certain of what their life entails said:

"Yeah, we're go-get married."

I can tell you right now, if that ever happens Madison's mother and I will both die of shock.    They have what can be best described as a love-hate relationship.

Whatever happens, I'm just gonna count myself lucky that this Super-hero-in-training gives me lots of kisses and counts me as his first love right now.   Ma-sin's just gonna have to wait :)

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  1. Your reads are better than Readers Digest any day. Thanks for the smile!


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