Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Do Not Feed The Bears

While Josh and I were having coffee outside this morning, we had a little, or rather, large visitor at our backyard fence.

Perhaps it was the little cub of this visitor from last year.

I didn't bother to ask it, so I guess I'll never know for sure but  I realized a few things when I saw the bear this morning.

Bears are beautiful.  And they look totally approachable.  I feel about bears like Tony Stark feels about Dr. Banner.  I know the potential for rage and harm is huge, but  I kind of want to poke it and see what happens.

I was sort of irritated with our (otherwise very nice) backyard neighbours for not getting rid of their many bird feeders. They are a huge attraction for the lovely herbivorous creatures.  I have a bird feeder that sits sad and empty right now, but for the sake of everyone else in the neighborhood, I have to do without watching the chickadees, juncos and squirrels feeding and preening steps away from my own coffee perch.

I sort of feel like a jerk for being upset with my neighbours.  They are very nice.  I need to give them the benefit of the doubt.  Maybe they don't read the papers, or listen to local news about the multiple bear sightings and bear take-downs that have happened in the surrounding neighbourhoods. Maybe they haven't realized that we live on a mountain and share a habitat with wild animals.  Maybe.

On a somewhat related note, if I had a theme song for today, it would have been "I'm Grumpy and I Know It"  Some of the words (that I wrote myself, can you believe it, what talent!) go like this :

The morning sun is high, there's so much mess I want to cry
I'd much rather sleep, So don't make a peep, better only creep yeah
This is how I roll, yoga pants, hair outta control
Its your Ma with a big afro
And like a bear I'm gonna growl

Kids look out for Mommy
Kids look out for Mommy
Kids look out for Mommy
She freaks out

Bring me the coffee pot, cause I don't want no tea
Everybody run, don't you try and mess with me
I'm tired and I'm cranky and I ain't afraid to show it

I'm grumpy and I know it
I'm grumpy and I know it.

Can you picture the fantastic music video that would go along with this? Would that I had the skills to create it for you all!  My demise for your entertainment! Or am I the only Mom that has ever woken up feeling like this? 

It's all so dumb, really. Back to our show.

Part way through the day I realized that Do Not Feed the Bears might apply as much to me as to my neighbours.  I know it's kind of silly, to turn this into a life lesson, but honestly, I just rewrote a song I've never heard, save for the title. It's possible I excel at silly, so stick with me.

If my neighbours would all stop inadvertently feeding the bears, they (the bears, not my neighbours) would find elsewhere to go.  The big bad bears would leave the neighbourhood. 

I had been pouty, grumpy, and throwing a fantastic pity party for one the whole morning.  I was feeding the grouchy Mama bear, and then some. When this revelation about bear feeding hit me square between the eyes,  I decided promptly to stop feeding it.   I got my butt off the couch and wiped down a kitchen counter I had been glaring at with little success the whole morning.  I started to purposefully interact with my kids that I had hoped Netflix would help me avoid.  We cooked together.  We conquered the paper route together and made it fun.  

It was amazing how quickly choosing to change my actions led to a change in attitude.

It was, dare I say an imperfect, but very good day.

So in case you missed the point of this whole essay.  The lesson today was two-fold

1) Taking a song you know nothing about and rewriting the lyrics is a lot of fun.

2) Don't Feed the Bears.

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