Saturday, July 7, 2012

Just Call Me "Tips"

Today we embraced the glorious sunshine and headed to one of our favourite haunts: Stanley Park.

We were one of the many who headed for the coastal gem in a sun drenched euphoria.   It was totally worth the trip.  There are few places as breathtaking as our fair city on a gorgeous summer's day.

We got there just after breaky enjoyed a leisurely cruise: some of us by foot, some scooting (scootering?) and one strollering (or is it strolling? My conjugation on modes of transportation certainly could use some work) around the sea wall.

Before we started our trifecta of transportation around this famous wall, we stopped at Prospect Point.  It's where all the magic began 19 years ago when two star-crossed children began dating after a fateful band trip to the Variety Club Telethon followed by a bus ride through the park. Buses and band cheesy, but a good thing nonetheless.  Prospect Point is also where Josh proposed a little more than 17 years ago.  I like that place, though it's been years since we stopped there.

The kids we awestruck at the magnitude of our love and begged us to please take their pictures in that same spot.  Or not.  Believe what you want.
All kinds of awesome in this picture.

We've hardly aged.  Or - my age has more than doubled.  Believe what you want.

While we were out today I made some observations that I'm quite sure should be preserved for prosperity's sake.  Keep in mind, these were not just one-off observations.  These were things I noticed enough times it was worth mentioning here.  Feel free to bookmark this page and refer to it often when thinking about any of the following:  tattoos, technology, and transportation.

1) Moms (and Dad's too, I suppose): getting a calf-sized tattoo of the faces of each of your children is a mistake. It just is.

I know you love your kids.  They might even be really cute when they are 3 and 5, but just don't do it. Think of how embarrassed your kids will be 10 years from now.  Or think of what your legs are going to look like 30 years from now.  Your kids will look like saggy trolls or shrunken heads - and what if you forget to shave for a few weeks? That's not a memory you want to preserve.

Maybe I didn't see this one a bunch of times today, but I'm pretty sure you'll thank me later for this excellent advice.

2) When you are at a playground full of kids who are playing don't look so irritated with all of the random kids who are running around actually playing on the playground equipment while you try and get an amazing photo to share with everyone on facebook to show what a magical life you lead.

Let your poor children play on the playground instead of shouting their name over and over trying to get that perfect shot all the while getting annoyed that your kids aren't happily looking at you and other kids are using the playground for the intended purpose of playing.  Instead, take a couple of candid shots that are actually candid, then put your fancy SLR camera away, save the picture taking for a different time and place,  and play with your kids. 

(Perhaps it's worth noting that the irritated types weren't irritated with my own progeny, so this isn't a case of sour grapes.  It's just me using my super-sleuth skills - over and over again with many different people engaging in this behaviour.)

3) When you are out and supposedly bonding and making memories with your kids - put your stupid (feel free to insert any stronger word you prefer) phone away!  You aren't actually doing what you think you're doing. You look like a loser - and that's mostly just because you're acting like one.  You're better than that.  You're kids deserve better than that.   Be all there, or don't bother. In fact - this is a good life rule when you are out and about with anyone, not just your kids.  The people you are with in the real world are more important than the people living in your phone. Just. Stop. It.

4) I really didn't see anything crazy in the transportation department. Although someone else might be blogging about the motley crew of transportation that was my family.  Who knows.  I just like the letter T.

The boys were inexplicably drawn to the compass, but I  only took a couple of crappy shots and then we laughed and played and made a macrame plant hanger.  We bonded for reals.  Some of this comment may be fabricated, but I for sure wasn't irritated with other kids and this wasn't on a playground, so we're cool.

Here's to real relationships and face-free tattoos!

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  1. Liking your opinions... Pretty sure there's a scripture backing up the "thou shalt not talk on cell phone (or text, peruse, etc) while ignoring your loved ones actually present". Might be in Matthew. Maybe not.
    (Emily Vanden Berg)


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