Saturday, July 21, 2012

Knee-High Perspective

Keaton's latest favourite past time is taking pictures with my phone.

What I find most interesting is his perspective.  Either in what he finds important to take pictures of, or how he takes the pictures.

All of this leads me to ask this very important question:  do all almost-four-year-olds live in a virtually headless world?

This question makes me want to write excellent poetry.  Please don't tell my old English teacher,  He might go back and change my marks.  It would be so sad to fail Language Arts after all of these years.

A Day in the Life of a Keaton

This is my Dad.  He's making drinks
For he and Mom so's they can thinks
He goes to work, I give him hugs
He saves me from the spider-bugs

 This is  my Mom, She's by the sink
She makes me bath so I don't stink.
That garbage can's at my nose height.
Mom, make IT bath, it smells a fright!

 This is a top that I just found
When I spin it, it goes round
And round and round and round and round
And round and round and round and round
I've found my calling, now, right here!
I'll take spinning pics all year
I'll take a hundred pictures here
My Mom will like them, have no fear.
Oops! Here she comes, I'd better stop
Taking pics of spinning tops!
 Now I'm at a playground see? 
My headless brothers play with me
 There's lots of pavement
And some dirt
My brother has an awesome shirt

 And here's his shadow and his feet

 This pavement splotch is really neat
 Now we're back home. Look what I found
My stuffy Miga, on the ground
And here is Sumi, right by he
They both have heads smaller than me.
 And that is it, my day is done
Thanks for the phone Mom, that was fun

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