Thursday, September 13, 2012

Things I Should be Doing Instead

I had this revelation recently about discipline: it's a choice, not a feeling.

Attitude follows actions, and  sometimes I wish it weren't so. For example, I have not in the past 4 years that I have been waking up at the butt-crack of dawn so that I can get my day started before my kids are allowed to be awake ever felt like getting out of bed.


Not once.

But I choose to do it because I like myself (and my kids) a whole lot more when I do.

Choosing discipline has compelled me to be a much better mother and teacher these past two weeks. Until today.  Today I waited for the feeling of "let's do school" to take over and as history has already taught me many times before, it never came.  I did do what I had to-had to with Morgan and Brennan, which has an air of discipline-ness to it, but who are we kidding - it's not been a gold star day for getting school done, or much else.  Unless you count distracting my friend Sher from getting her work done by talking on the phone.  Maybe my motto is "be disciplined unless you can convince someone else to be undisciplined with you."

Excellent work, Smithers.

I suppose that would mean that right now, I am fully aware that I am being undisciplined and taking a break and blogging when I should be getting something done.

But hold the phone...

Resting and taking breaks, are part of a well-disciplined life, n'est pas?

Maybe if I just called this a Thursday afternoon a Sabbath, I could sound well educated and deserving of the respite I have provided for myself today.


Here are some of the things I am choosing not to do right now as I grow discipline in the area of random Sabbath taking.  Spin is everything, right?

I am not folding laundry.   I'm not even letting it out of the laundry room to grow right now.

I am not cleaning the school room tables.  I started cleaning out my school cupboards so that all the new and old curriculum would be in it's proper place and at least if I wasn't going to do school today, I could at least make the days that follow much more organized and well thought out.  Well begun is not half done in this case.

I am not writing my talk/sermon/speech for the Women's event at our church that I am "guest-speaking" at next Thursday.  Are you a guest if you always attend?  Discuss.

I didn't make a well-balanced meal for lunch.  We had banana cake.  On purpose.  True - I did reduce the sugar by 1/2 and subbed some whole wheat flour - but still. Cake. For. Lunch.  Proving once again that I will always try to make up for what I lack with good food.  I'm buying your love, one baked good at a time.

Speaking of baking, I haven't finished baking for the Worship retreat my friend and I are responsible for either.  Good thing for Friday.

I didn't go for a walk this morning. And I had cake for lunch.  I might have to add clothes shopping to my list of things to do on Friday.

I haven't printed out the music I need for tonight's practice.  Been thinking about the set since Tuesday and my heart is in the right place - my printer just isn't well connected to my heart.  That's next.  Right after I hit publish.

I haven't listed the boxes of rubber stamps I have purged from my crafting cupboard for about 3 months now.  I may need someone to be disciplined on my behalf for that one.  I know.  I need to be disciplined enough to find someone more skilled in administration.  I'm sure that's what needs to happen.  Or they may never leave my house.

On that note I haven't taken the boxes of books that I purged from our home library to the Book Man either.  Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi.  You're my only hope.

And finally,  I'm not getting something ready for dinner. At least the fridge is full of leftovers.

What didn't you do today?


  1. -As I set the coffeemaker last night to go off this morning, I DIDN'T remember to press AUTO instead of ON. We had old coffee this a.m. to save a buck. Bleah.

    -I didn't successfully end an argument between students today who were 'discussing loudly' whether ninja turtles were real or not.

    -I didn't convince my family to eat/enjoy the homegrown greek salad rendition I served tonight alongside their bbq'd meat & buns.

    -I didn't convince my hubby that karate & hockey were worthwhile choices for the boys this year (he only sees the make-us-busy side, and not my good-disciplines-for-them-to-learn-and-its-not-forever side) so he left grumpy :(

    -sigh... I didn't come away with this very cheery- maybe next time?

  2. Oh Chris! Better days are coming, right? If we were closer we'd defs do coffee to talk and laugh about it all!

    I'd probably side with your husband on the busy front - but I'm sure you'll work that out too - maybe just one or t'other?

    Here's to a better "i didn't" list tomorrow :)

  3. I actually managed to be motivated yesterday! Today on the other excuse is that Sawyer had me up for an hour last night. I'm still in my pjs!

  4. Carla - it's great to hear someone had a productive day. I'm happy to say today has been much better - hope your weekend is fantastic :)

  5. not a big deal- some days are better than others- (cue U2)- for the record, the boys aren't each doing both those things, one will do hockey, and the other karate. I'm not THAT crazy. :)

  6. Remember, you're friends with me, so your craziness is always a question. I'm sorry to say that the U2 reference is lost on me. I do much better with nerd references. (Star Trek, Firefly, etc.) But I'm glad to know you still have a song in your heart - even if it is U2 :)


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