Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Happy

Well, it's Halloween.

We carved our pumpkins this morning.  The oldest three kids carved there own.  This is what I refer to as the light at the end of the tunnel.  I actually feel a little insane when I get to the till of the green grocer with 7 pumpkins in tow.  That's probably fitting.

My two April babies still can't clean out a pumpkin without wretching, but I thought I should write this down as a reminder to myself, because I always wait till the last minute to get this stuff done because in my head, a scary place any time of year, I'm convinced that it's way more work than it really is. I feel the same way about egg decorating too.

But it's really not that bad.

And they love it.

Plus - the upside of carving so many pumpkins has to be roasting and eating the seeds.  We get enough to make a nice big batch each of savoury and sweet seeds.  So again I say to myself, and myself only-  it is worth it.  You can do it.  Quit whining.

In other over-acheiving-last-minute news: I made pumpkin pancakes for lunch today.  They weren't the fantastic hit I had hoped for - but I did let them season the pancakes with chocolate chips, so again - win-win.

There is a rainfall warning for tonight, so I'm not certain the kids are going to go trick or treating, but we will have our "warming station" ready to go for any poor souls who find themselves out and about.   I love getting a chance to say hi to the neighborhood all in one night. I highly recommend it!

Until then - enjoy one of my favourite Hallowe'en clips.  So at least if you are out there getting soaked tonight you can be thinking about snickaloaf and popcorn balls and smile.

Happy Halloween!


  1. it was -7 out tonight, so I invited my son & his friends inside for a hot chocolate/warmup break... so nice to have them here. I also dressed up as a bank robber (I work at the school) and after work I went out and handed out candy to adults stuck chaperoning their kids up and down the streets... they were so pleased and surprised... I told them I held up a candy store and needed to hide the evidence. :) So fun.

  2. Good for you for dressing up Chris! I love the way you spread joy :) Dressing up is the next hurdle I need to get over.

    Either way I have to admit the pouring rain sounds a little less nasty than sub-zero temperatures!


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