Monday, January 14, 2013

A Date with Dad

It was Keaton's turn to go to the Heat game with Josh last weekend.  Sometimes pictures tell a better story than words. So I will dispense with the pleasantries post-haste.

Bonus marks if you use post-haste  in a sentence this week.

 It would probably be annoying if I was to start complaining about how fast he is growing up, and how it makes me sad that there's so little little left in his chubby cheeks.

It would likely be too much if I thtarted to talk about how much I love hith toothleth grin and sthweet little lithp.

It would be weird to go on about how I sort of tear up every time I see him sleeping, right? 

I thought so. 


Good Night Sweet Prince, Mama loves you.


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