Thursday, January 3, 2013

Good News-Bad News 2013 edition

It's been a while since we've played this game of good news-bad news - let's have a go shall we?  It was just one of those days where by the late afternoon the misadventures were so abundant every new mishap became comical - so here we go...

Good News: it was a relaxing morning
Bad News: I was still in my pjs, with no makeup and violently wild hair when the doorbell rang at 10

Good News: I lost 7 pounds before Christmas
Bad News: that was Before Christmas

Good News: The van was cleaned out by the kids after the Christmas marathon
Bad news: This included my purse, which I always (rightly or wrongly) leave in the van

Good News:  I went to Ikea yesterday
Bad News: I found out about the missing purse at this point

Good News: The new Port Mann toll bridge is lovely and reduces driving time to Ikea
Bad News: I still haven't received my TREO decal with the free trips to cross it.

Good News: Keaton loves his Momma so much that he came along for the trip to Ikea
More Good News: this meant we could take the HOV lane in
Bad News:  Keaton gets car sick easily

Good News: He loved me enough to stay for our attempted return trip to Ikea
Bad News: he was car sick enough that he started barfing.  A lot.  Really.  Really. ALOT.

Good News: Keaton likes homemade mac 'n cheese for lunch
Bad News: There is some gastrointestinal miracle of multiplication that happens with mac n cheese when it is barfed up.  In the van. On a four year old.

Good News:  I had a plastic bag to use as a barf bag
Bad news:  Four year olds do a lot more barfing ON barf bags than IN them

Good News: It was only car sick, not flu sick.
Bad News:  No barf is good barf.  Especially when you have to clean it up.

Good News:  I'm done talking about barf.
Bad News:  It's not the end of the bad news.

Good News: Josh brought home pizza for supper
Bad News:  Remember the whole weight loss thing?  Yeah.  

Good News:  He gave me a big kiss and told me he loved me when he got home
Bad News: He told me I forgot to put on deodorant.

Good News: When someone tells you you need deodorant.
Bad News: When someone tells you you need deodorant.

Good News: I left again, solo this time, for Ikea
Bad News:  It was now dark, and I was alone.

Good News: I got everything I needed at Ikea and it was super un-busy there. As much as I love people, I hate crowds, so this was awesome.
Bad News: I crossed the toll bridge twice each way today.  What kind of idiot doesn't check for her purse when she gets in the van?  I'll tell you what kind - the kind of person who also is terrified of stinking like b.o., but still manages to forget deodorant.

Good News: I picked up a bookshelf from Ikea
Bad News:  I smushed the packaging putting it in the car and that included scraping up the flimsy backing board.  

Good News:  I made it through till bedtime without crying, and found the day, even the barf, somewhat amusing.
Bad News: Van barf, stinky armpits and violently messy hair are still bad news.

So there you have it.  Good News - Bad News for 2013.  

Don't worry, I'm still smiling.  

And wearing deodorant.  

Just thought I'd share.


  1. I do like these editions :)
    changing bad news to good news: if you have already registered for TReO but haven't received your decal, you will still get free trips as it recognizes license plates :)

  2. We've all had those kinds of days - but admittedly yours takes the cake!

    It was so funny to read - though it always draws me back to those bad feelings..............of not having your purse or any form of payment when you have driven some distance to a specific store.............and you can't do a thing about it!!!!

    It is much more hilarious to read about it happening to someone else or watching it happen to a movie character - than to experience it yourself.

    I'm sure writing Good News Bad News was therapeutic.........and a good reminder about the deodorant thing :)

    By the way, I'm not laughing at you, but with you. Good for you for going to bed with a smile on your face, sort of.


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